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Bad teeth? We’ve all wondered at least once in our lives if our teeth are pretty or white enough. Often we find that our smile looks nothing like the ones we see in advertising and magazines. So, is there something wrong with our teeth because they’re not perfectly straight and bright white? Does that mean we have bad teeth?

First and foremost, teeth are an essential fraction of our bodies, and they have a primary function, which is chewing food to keep us alive. You could say the esthetics that comes with it is a plus.

If you don’t have a perfectly straight and bright white smile, it doesn’t mean you have bad teeth. There are other multiple signs we need to pay attention to and discover if our teeth are bad.

5 Signs to Know You Need a Dentist

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You can look for the following early signs that’ll indicate something is going wrong and prevent them from turning into total nightmares.

  1. Teeth sensitivity: If one singular tooth or multiple teeth experience sensitivity with low or high temperatures when you eat, it might just be a clear indication of being at risk of developing bad teeth.  
  2. Bad breath: Halitosis or bad breath generally appear because of plaque accumulation, tartar, and cavities. Resulting in excessive oral bacteria leading to tooth decay.
  3. Uneven coloring: If the shade of your teeth varies from one to the other, it is undoubtedly a cause for concern, most likely requiring a deep dental cleaning or tooth extractions. 
  4. Tooth loss: Your teeth need a strong base that can support both your teeth and gums. The problem is that if you develop gum disease and your teeth fall out, that is a clear indication of rotting gums. 
  5. Size variants: If your teeth vary in size, it might be an aftereffect of tooth deterioration or oral bacteria development in your mouth that might be harming your teeth. You might even notice a tooth or more becoming thinner and thinner. 

5 Health Problems Bad Teeth Can Cause

Many people think that whatever dental issue they experience in their mouth will simply stay in their mouth. But as you can imagine, it can get worse.

Sure, plaque accumulation, cavities, bad breath, gum disease, among other dental problems, are inside the mouth. You obviously won’t be expecting having cavities in a different part of your body. That would be horrendous!

But you can definitely expect other problems in your overall health, like the following:

  1. Respiratory infections: If the bacteria living in your mouth finds its way into your lungs, the most common problems can be either respiratory infections, among other complications.
  2. Prostate problems: People with periodontal disease, most notably men, can develop urination urgency because of the bacteria in bad teeth.  
  3. Cardiovascular diseases: A poor oral hygiene can put your heart at risk of developing harmful conditions due to periodontal disease. 
  4. Erectile dysfunction: Gum disease develops dangerous bacteria that can affect the bloodstream in men’s bodies, thus causing inflammation, reducing natural blood flow. 
  5. Dementia: Inflammation in your gum line can make your gums release destructive bacteria that can potentially kill off brain cells, leading to dementia. 

6 Great Ways to Fix Your Smile at Serena Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

A great beautiful smile means CONFIDENCE!

Thanks to many wonderful innovative dental treatments, you can stop dental problems in their tracks by visiting your dentist and speaking with them about different approaches to treat your dental issues.

There is a diverse line-up of methods and techniques you can opt to regain your smile. These will not only be beneficial for your health, but you’ll also get a fantastic makeover as a plus!

The following are options you may view with your dentist to see which best suits your dental needs. 

  1. Braces: Dental braces are an excellent approach to treat and align your teeth in a matter of months or, in some cases, years. Your dentist can help adjust and position your teeth in a good location with very minimal interference. Plus, braces are easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Porcelain veneers: This solution is terrific to fix broken, misaligned, worn-down teeth. They’re small custom-made shells that cover the front surface and give you a great appearance.
  3. Dental fillings: Fillings can treat tooth decay and cavities. They can also repair any cracked or broken teeth.
  4. Dental crowns: Crowns are also an excellent alternative when it comes to restorative dentistry and can potentially save your teeth from extractions if your dentist views this dental treatment as a viable option.
  5. Dental implants: Many dentists consider implants to be the measuring stick of dentistry in general and only require minimal oral surgery. Implants are a permanent solution and bring many esthetic and health benefits, unlike traditional dentures.
  6. Tooth extractions: Many dentists opt for this treatment when tooth decay damages teeth to the point of no return. If the tooth is causing problems to the surrounding dental pieces, then it will require extraction with minimal surgery.

 The best news is that you can find all these dental procedures at Serena Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Set up an appointment with a Clairemont dentist and get your initial consultation to determine what issues you must start getting rid of.

Adult teeth are the ones we’ll have for the rest of our lives. The more you can keep of them, the better. Our dental office specializes in achieving outstanding results at a great cost. Contact your new San Diego dentist today, fix or prevent your bad teeth, and make your life so much better!


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