A Tooth Still Hurting After Dental Fillings?

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When a tooth bothers us, it can be due to many reasons.

To determine the leading cause, we must go to a dentist as soon as possible.

The reason to go to a dental office this quickly is because with the pass of time it can get worse.

It means that if we have a tiny dental problem, it can get worse over the days, becoming a severe problem.

Today we will see some examples of what can happen in case you postpone your dental appointment when one tooth is in pain.

But I will also try to explain how a tooth can still hurt even after receiving treatment.

Is it normal for a tooth to continue to bother us after a dental filling?

The main purpose of getting a dental filling is to address cavities and alleviate any pain they might be causing.

This procedure can help to correct tooth decay, and it is also used to fix a chipped tooth (composite resin).

But in rare cases, some patients can experience that a tooth is still causing them pain after treatment.

Some people who had cavities went to the dentist to relieve their pain.

However, the pain continued and in some cases, with higher intensity than before. So what’s going on?

Why Am I Need a Dental Filling?

tooth with cavities

You probably have been hearing dentists all the time asking brushing your teeth.

It is for one strong reason though, because if you don’t brush your teeth bad things could happen.

I mean, it is harsh to believe that no doing it can end badly, but it is true.

We take breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but we also eat a lot of other snacks during the day.

Potato chips, candies, gums, and sodas are more and less the kind of stuff we eat.

As you know, all these snacks may contain a lot of sugar.

And sugar is probably one of the worse enemies of your teeth’s health.

When we eat tons of sugar we are feeding harmful bacteria in our mouth.

If bacteria eats up all the sugar, they are going to generate acids.

Those acids are the ones creating tooth decay and other types of dental problems.

To repair cavities, dentists use dental fillings. Some different types of fillings could work to deliver the work.

There are amalgams, gold, and resin but since many dental offices want to be holistic, they don’t use silver fillings anymore.

After the treatment, you should feel nothing.

Nonetheless, patients may experience some discomfort after the procedure, which is normal.

However, there are plenty of reasons why a tooth can still hurting after the process.

Why my Tooth is still in Pain?

Well, as I said there are plenty of reasons why a tooth can be still in pain after a dental reparation process.

So, it can be that your tooth is sensible after the dental work as a reaction to the process itself.

A simple answer to your tooth after being repaired.

Remember that even when dentists use an anesthetic to numb the area, there is still a trauma on your tooth.

So, as soon as the anesthetic goes off, you can start feeling some discomfort.

This happened to some patients only, especially if they had a huge cavity fixed.

That can be reason number one, and it is normal.

So, you can expect for the discomfort to go away in a couple of days maybe during the same day of your consultation.

This is normal because your dentist was drilling around.

However, the tooth can be still bothering you because you probably need an adjustment or a different area of that tooth needs treatment.

If the discomfort lasts more than two days in a row, you should go back to your dentist because the material placed probably didn’t work.

Sometimes you have to make corrections to the material because it may be interfering with your bite and it will be necessary to reduce the excess material.

Even when a dentist checks that there is no excess, it may remain some of it that you will feel after dental work.

If the Material of your Filling is to High

If the material placed is too high, it will cause malocclusion which will cause pain at the same time.

And if your teeth are not fitting together correctly when you are chewing, you have chances of cracking a tooth when you bite down.

Composite resin fillings are the best material you can get, but it also causes sensibility.

Don’t worry because again, this is only temporary and it is also very common.

When it comes to amalgams, a tooth can hurt for different reasons including the shrinking of the silver when you drink or eat hot meals or beverages.

Silver can expand in your tooth causing pain.

But again, you need to see your dentist to explore the right causes.

There are a lot of solutions to eliminate your discomfort due to a dental repair.

However, an exposed tooth or inflammation in the nerve may continue after a filling.

Your dentist will talk about this before getting the work done.

Sometimes when we have large cavities, a dental filling won’t be enough to repair it.

So, if the reparation fails, the most common thing to happen is that probably you are going to need a root canal.

Am I Going to Need a Root Canal?

When you go back to the dentist’s chair, she or he is going to take some x-rays.

If it turns out that your nerve is inflamed and has not salvation, yes, you are going to need a root canal.

Usually, when a dental filling fails, it is because that tooth has not salvation.

So, in case you need a root canal, there is nothing to be afraid of.

However, you need to know that if the root canal fails too, extraction will be the best and only alternative.

Either way, go to see your dentist in San Diego just to be sure about the possible causes of the pain in your tooth.

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