Are Toothpaste Tablets Actually Safe for the Environment?

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Are Toothpaste Tablets Actually Safe for the Environment?
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As the world’s ability to cope with the fast-rising manufacturing of disposable plastic products affects the world’s capability to deal with them, plastic pollution has become one of the most critical environmental challenges.

Many people have started to get concerned about the environment. As a result, new eco-friendly dental care businesses have emerged to give zero-waste and environmentally friendly alternatives.

And you might’ve guessed it, one of those new alternatives is toothpaste tablets. Unfortunately, traditional toothpaste tubes are created of a plastic-and-aluminum combination, making them extremely difficult to recycle.

About 300 million toothpaste tubes go to landfills. A toothpaste tube takes hundreds of years to fully biodegrade in a landfill, which means that every tube you’ve ever used could still be out there in a giant hole in the ground.

Toothpaste tubes promise to perform just like regular toothpaste and an eco-friendly, zero waste option.

But is it really eco-friendly? And does will it take care of your oral health as much as traditional toothpaste does?

Keep reading this article to find out!

What Exactly are Toothpaste Tablets?

To put it simply, toothpaste tablets combine the elements found in regular toothpaste into tiny, mint-sized tablets.

They have a similar component base to traditional toothpaste. However, conventional toothpaste contains H20 to generate the creamy texture and typically preservatives like parabens or sodium benzoate, which keep the formula from going bad.

Tablets also offer the benefit of not requiring water, making them easier to ship and with a lower carbon footprint. They’re travel-friendly because they’re firm, and the preportioned size ensures you get a consistent amount of paste with each brushing.

Do Toothpaste Tablets Really Help the Environment?

These dissolvable pills are stored in environmentally safe glass jars. They’re almost plastic-free, and there’s no toothpaste tube to throw away when you’re done with them, which will most probably end up in a landfill. 

Furthermore, toothpaste tablets will likely save you money because they are pre-portioned, ensuring that you do not waste any product as you would with toothpaste from a tube. 

Some brands frequently package tablets in recyclable or reused materials, which has helped them acquire even more popularity among ecologically aware customers.

But, Do Toothpaste Tablets Work as Alternative?

They’re convenient and good for the environment, but as of now, the ADA has not approved toothpaste tablets as many are fluoride-free. 

The thing is that fluoride-free products do not have an outstanding reputation in the oral care field due to the potential for an increased risk of cavities.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t work. It’s actually quite the opposite. Toothpaste tablets are an easy, convenient way to brush and are still very effective at getting rid of plaque. 

Many natural ingredients featured in toothpaste tablets like coconut oil and sugar alcohols, such as xylitol and sorbitol, have antibacterial properties.

It could even take you some effort and time to adjust, and like these toothpaste tablets, because you need to chew them before becoming a brushable paste. 

And this can be particularly difficult for those with dry mouth, as you need enough saliva to help melt the tablet into the required consistency to brush your teeth. 

If that’s your case, though, just swish some water around in your mouth as you bite, and the paste should form as it would with saliva.

Options of Toothpaste Tablets for You

#1 byHumankind

The FDA has approved the amount of fluoride in byHumankind’s toothpaste tablets. The company also offers a subscription service for various low-waste personal care goods, such as floss and mouthwash and deodorant, and hand sanitizer. It ships them in refillable containers with carbon-neutral shipping.

#2 Lush Toothy Tabs

Lush Toothy Tabs are free of additives that many people regard to be unnecessary. They come in a range of tastes as well. Keep in mind that Lush Toothy Tabs do not contain fluoride. 

They are packaged in tiny plastic bottles, so if being environmentally conscious is important to you, these may not be for you. Lush Toothy Tabs are $10.95 for a bottle, but they don’t specify the number of tablets inside the bottle.

#3 Bite

Bite is an online marketplace where you can find all your low-waste dental needs. It’s positioned as one of the most popular brands for toothpaste tablets or also called “bites,” in the United States. 

Mouthwash tablets, reusable floss, plastic-free toothbrushes, and toothpaste tabs in classic mint and exotic flavors like charcoal and champagne are available on the Bite website. 

It’s important to mention that Bite tablets now contain nano-hydroxyapatite (nHAp), a calcium crystal that is said to perform similarly to fluoride.

#4 Hello

Hello is proud of its vegan-friendly toothpaste, devoid of any color, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and is never tested on animals. There is no fluoride in their tablets, which are available in charcoal and antiplaque flavors.

# 5 Georganics

The toothpaste pills from Georganics are fluoride-free and made with organic ingredients. They’re not as bubbly or minty as some of the other options listed above, so you could say they’re a gentler way to brush your teeth. 

Get Advice From a Professional, Get to Know Us! 

If you’re still unsure whether these tablets are the best option to replace your regular toothpaste, try consulting a Clairemont dentist

Dr. Kurt can help you figure it out. There’s no need to make a decision blindly. Remember that you should do what’s best for your oral health, and informing yourself first is the way to go. 



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