Are You Chewing Your Food Wrong?

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Believe it or not, everyone has a way to chew the food, and yes, there is a proper way to do it.

I spend years wondering if my chewing was wrong, and that was due to I even didn’t know that was a proper way to chew the food.

Some people spend their lives telling other people how properly do some things, how to do it right.

We are talking about almost everything in this world. It can be since we are kids, with our parents telling us how to brush our hair or teeth, giving us advices to combine our clothes.

At home, most of us were tell how to do stuff and then other persons told us how to properly do things at school too.

Because there is a belief that points that everything has a correct way to make it work. So, here we are, reading about how to properly chew.

First step to a proper digestion

First of all, experts suggest that having an adequate chewing serves as the early stage to have a decent digestion.

Chewing in a hurry it is not a good idea, the food that comes into the mouth needs to be smashed.

The large particles of food need to be reduced to small ones because the tiny particles are more comfortable to be digested.

Also, having a proper chewing allows you to absorb more nutrients from your food.

We know, in a world when people are always trying to grab a quick bite because we tend to feel that we are short of time, and is difficult to take enough time to chew our meals properly. But consider this, having a good one can bring you benefits.

We often opt for fast food, and that is the way it works for many people, because of the time.

Every day we are trying to have good habits and a healthy diet, but sometimes it’s hard.

So, if you are going to opt for the fast food, at least try to chew it properly.

Recent studies revealed that having a proper chew helps the body to absorb more nutrients and have a better digestion too. 

Chewing Properly Helps me to Eat Less?

Studies here and the United States have shown that chewing more automatically slows down the pace of eating in people.

That means that if you are hungry and you eat fast, your brain is not getting the signal that you are eating now and probably you are going to want to eat more.

On the other hand, if you eat slowly you give your brain more time to receive the signal that you are eating.

I know, is a little confusing to me too and I couldn’t help to wonder if I have to do it wrong all this time or if maybe I can be able to lose weight if I try this advice.

In 2014 a study about it was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that show how some participants reacts to this.

And some of this results showed that the more they chewed, the less they ate.

Also, the hormones play a large part on this.

This is because like I was telling earlier on this post, the hormone ghrelin sends an “I’m hungry” message to the brain in a couple of minutes and the hormones GLP-1 and CCK send the message, “I’m full.”

And when you start eating, ghrelin drops and GLP-1 and CCK gradually start to be released. It is like if you cheating your brain for a second and people are trying it.

Chewing Properly Helps you to Enjoy your Food

Definitely, this point is right, chewing right your food makes you enjoy it more. I believe that in this world there’s nothing better than food, so you need to enjoy it no matter how to hurry you are.

The taste of food it always matters, because most of us love to eat what we like. So, chewing slowly helps you savor every bite, so taking your time in every bite allowing your food to linger in your mouth stimulates the taste receptors on your tongue.

The next time you have a meal, try this trick and see what happens, take your time to eat slowly no matter if you hurry to try to get back to work or something. Plus, remember that chew in a proper way helps you to boost your energy.

The first stage to a proper digestion is an appropriate chew, because your brain senses food in your mouth and give signals to other organs in your body, like your stomach or pancreas, here begins a whole process.

Some organs help to absorb the nutrients but are a lot of work, and all begin in your mouth. Is an excellent topic if you think about it.

Chewing For No Reason

Some other studies have revealed that chewing without any food in your mouth is not a good idea.

Remember when I was saying about sending signals to our brain when we eat? Well, chewing without a reason can also do it.

For instance, if you are chewing some gum, you are telling your body that food is on its way to the stomach and the rest of our organs prepare to receive it, but if the food never arrives, your stomach call let you know that something is happening.

In some cases, gastritis can hurt your stomach, there are some acids that make your food come into a process so you can let go what doesn’t work and leave in your body what you need only.

Well, if your brain thinks that food is coming, the whole process activates.

Some symptoms are a little pain in your stomach alongside inflammation; this can happen to people who suffer from gastritis.

It’s the burning sensation in or above the stomach or abdomen, before or after a meal. Sometimes may occur if you are chewing with no reason.

Chewing without smashing any food also can hurt your teeth and chewing tobacco can also.

Plus, you need to keep in mind that if you like to chew tobacco, probably you are going to get stains on your teeth and a poor dental health.

Besides, having this type of issues can bring pain to your teeth.

How Many Times Should I Chew the Food?


Well, this question absolutely blows my mind.

First I even know that there’s was a proper way to chew, I mean everyone has one, but indeed I never stop to think about it.

So, I never wonder if there’s a number of times to chew the food.

Some food needs to chew more time cause are big or hard, and other food not so much.

But the number of times you chew the food depends on the type of meal you are having.

Because it is not the same, eating fruits or soft vegetables than a carrot or something harder.

There are some articles that said that some studies have proved that chewing your food for a least 15 times achieve the correct way to do it.

In 2009, Japanese government’s Ministry of Health was convinced that the health of mastication was so important, that in that year encourage the public to chew their meals 30 times per bite.

Can you imagine chewing you a banana or your sandwich 30 times per bite?

Is the proper Chewing good for my Teeth?

Our saliva starts the chewing process, the food mixed with it and there’s where all begin. Well, everyone knows that our teeth just to have a place in the mouth.

The all have a name, number, and everything and it’s for a reason. You see, that’s way dentist encourage us on having a proper dental health.

Your teeth must be aligned ideally, and to people, this is the main trouble, because not all people have a proper align in their teeth. This can be heredity, some issues during childhood, among other factors, so no everyone has a perfect smile.

But don’t worry there is a solution in most cases. The using of braces and other treatments may help to align your teeth.

This is very important because the way you chew can damage your teeth and not because you are doing it wrong, it is because you don’t have a proper align of your teeth.

When you chew, your teeth also have a position. It is a whole process because if your teeth do not have good alignment, they can collide with each other in an inappropriate way, and your teeth can get weak over time.

This can bring as a result of a loosening tooth or worse, a falling tooth.

It hurts when chewing?

If you have a painful chewing, it is time to see your dentist.

A painful chewing it’s not normal at all, so if it hurt while you are eating or drinking, you need to set an appointment.

The painful chewing can be for a lot of reasons and don’t try to guess why and made up some at-home treatment.

Or worse, don’t ignore the pain.

Also, not replacing losing teeth can bring some issue with it.

These can also miss aligning your teeth, so you probably need to consider see your specialist.

As I said in this post, everything has a correct way to be done.

And so the way we chew. Don’t worry, it’s not that you are doing it wrong, is that there’s a better way to do it and achieve some goals in the way.

A better digestion or the better absorption of nutrients from your food, also, weight control, eating less, among others benefits that you can take advantage of it.

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