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Children’s teeth are delicate, especially is they are getting their permanent teeth.

Everyone knows that what we eat can affect our teeth’s health in some many ways depending on what we eat.

To keep our teeth healthy, we do a lot of things. Starting with some basics like brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

But we all know that brushing and flossing are not enough.

Calcium, as we already know, is an essential component during pregnancy and different stages in human life.

Milk foods are loaded with calcium, which is the key to protect our bones and teeth.

Some parents wonder about the benefits of milk products, so let’s try facts.


Milk to Keep our Teeth Healthy?



Although milk first component is calcium which is great for teeth, it is not enough.

One glass of milk can contain almost 400 milligrams of this component.

So, dairy products can provide strength to your bones and teeth. However, milk products are not enough to keep your children’s teeth healthy.

You need to see your dentist and a pediatric oral professional look at your kid’s teeth.

Even when milk is great for your teeth, you will need to visit a dentist. You can’t rely on dairy products to have healthy teeth.

Probably you don’t know it, but our bones and teeth keep the 99 percent of the calcium in your body.

It is normal to start wondering how to take care of our children’s teeth as soon as they begin to lose their baby teeth.

That means that they are going to lose the old ones to make space for the permanent teeth.

So, parents can have concerns about the right time for their children to lose baby teeth.

If baby teeth don’t fall at the right moment, they can block permanent teeth, and all this can have a bad ending.

The intake of calcium needs to begin during pregnancy because unborn babies need nutrients to develop teeth correctly.

There are a lot of dietary recommendations to mothers to start with a proper diet for the baby.

Calcium is a daily recommendation to consume between 900 and 1,200 mg per day.

As you can see, this component is essential for the development of babies in early stages.


Can Milk Products Fight Decay?




This is another good question from concern parents who want to know if dairy products help.

The answer is yes dairy products can improve the health of children’s teeth.

But, you need to understand how and why milk products may contribute.

Since we are kids and throughout our teen years, we required nutrients to grow and be strong.

Calcium can also prevent osteoporosis as we age, so it has a lot of advantages.

But, can milk protect our teeth from decay?

Well, some studies reveal that milk and other kinds of dairy foods can reduce tooth decay.

But, is not just that, as milk products have phosphorus and calcium can also provide proteins such as caseins.

Meaning is that if you combine all these components, you can improve the strength of the enamel.

This protection is fundamental for children’s teeth because both components can repair and protect their teeth from common acids and germs.

These minerals can also protect against bacteria that cause cavities and dissolve the acid attacks.

Unfortunately, all this care and dairy products consumption can’t be efficient if you keep eating candies and have poor dental care.

For that reason, not only your kids need to reduce the intake of sugary foods and drinks, but also you.

Sugar is probably the enemy number one of children’s teeth, but are a thread for your teeth too.

It can cause a lot of damage having those levels of acid in your mouth.

The suggestion is to avoid or reduce the level of sugar in your food.


Ask your Dietitian before Adding Dairy Products to your Diet




Although we can find calcium in a lot of foods. The National Institutes of Health recommends dairy and milk products to eat because the body absorbs better their nutrients.

If you want to add some of these products to your diet and your kids, focus on milk.

Is rich in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which are significant components to provide strength to your children’s teeth.

However, consult with your doctor first if you can add milk to your children’s diet.

Some kids aren’t big fans of milk, but they prefer cheeses or some other alternatives.

Plus, some kids are lactose intolerance, which is an indicator to have a special diet.

That is why you will confirm with a doctor which foods and drinks will be better for your kids in order to keep their over health in good shape.

Remember that lactose intolerance can’t cause harm because it is not an allergy, but still.

Ask your doctor first before you add dairy to the family’s diet, even if you want to keep your children’s teeth healthy.

When kids are at home for vacation or special holidays, put a limit on sugary drinks such as juices and sodas.

Sometimes can be hard to think what to give them when they are at home, but you have plenty options.

Sodas and sugary beverages not only give your kids a lot of energy.

Sugar can cause cavities in their teeth, and that is why you need to choose a different combination of drinks.


More Milk to Improve the Health of your Children’s Teeth




Fortunately, it is not a myth, and milk can improve the health of your teeth making them more decay-resistant.

It is imperative to prevent future dental problems by developing proper oral care habits and a hygiene routine.

Since little, kids can learn to develop a good method to keep their teeth clean and safe.

Also, parents can teach dental culture like visit a dentist once in a while or at least every six months to maintain children’s teeth healthy.

Plus, as a parent, you need to be sure that your kids are brushing their teeth twice a day and that they are doing it right.

Teach them how to floss, and also you can show them some YouTube videos so they can have a visual perspective on how to do it right.

Infancy is a crucial stage on kid’s life so they can learn the basics of having oral care.

It is straightforward actually to tell kids how to take care of their teeth.

And also you can make them have a little chat with us at our dental office in Clairemont, your San Diego Dentist.

A dentist can better explain to your kid how to treat their teeth.

A dentist can also recommend what kind of foods they need to avoid, especially with candies.

Kids Just Want to Have Fun


children's teeth


We all know that you are a kid once in your life. So, some parent can have concerns about telling kids not to eat candies.

They think that not eating sweets can affect them in some emotional levels.

Seeing other kids eating candies but they can make them believe that they are different or something like that.

Don’t worry, because every single child is different and have different needs.

That is why you are going to tell your kids that it is not wrong to have candies once in a while.

But after eating them, they need to brush teeth. Also, they need to understand that dental health is not a toy.

If they are getting their permanent teeth, things get more interesting. They are losing baby teeth, and they need to have extra care with their new teeth.

So, don’t worry about stop them about eating candies, you can handle putting a limit on them.

Plus, a lot of kids love to ask for candies during Halloween, you can’t just deny it to your kid.

They love customs, sweets, and fun because they are kids. Put a limit by giving them a candy or two per day until they finish what the recollect on Halloween.

Your Clairemont dentist can explain to you better how to take care of your family’s dental health.

Setting an appointment you can start to handle all dental problems.

Remember that Serena Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can improve your smile with cosmetic dental procedures.

We are here to guide you on your way to have a better smile.


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