Cosmetic Dentistry: What Your Teeth Say about your Personality

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Cosmetic dentistry can help us to improve the way our smile look. Our teeth are the best because they allow us to smile to the world.

When we are really, really happy we can show a natural smile to our friends and family. Just like the day we graduated from school or the day of your wedding.

But, what happens if we are not comfortable with our smile. When this happens, we try to find ways to fix everything we don’t like on our teeth.

Fortunately and thanks to new technological advances, today we have the tools to achieve it. Nowadays, dentists have the best dental technology available to ensure a better smile for each patient.

But, what does your smile say about you? Is it possible for someone to know about your personality just by seeing your teeth?

What does my Smile say About me?

Some studies or articles about this topic are online right now. In these articles, some personality details were disclosed.

Meaning is, that according to these studies the way in which we laugh and the shape of our teeth can tell about ourselves.

Can we guess what other people are thinking just seeing their mouths? It is very possible, for example when someone is stressed they can grind their teeth.

The way someone smiles may indicate that is lying. Some people know how to lie very well, and they have control on every movement in their bodies.

And it is difficult for the other people to guess if lying. This situation happens a lot with politicians.

But other people don’t know how to do it, and others can realize what that person is really feeling.

Anger, sadness, hunger, stress, many feelings can be revealed through our smile.

If you think about it, we can suppose that our smile shows a lot of what we might be thinking.

The Duchenne Smile

The Duchenne Smile







This theory indicates how to identify a fake smile from a genuine one. Because of the way in which facial muscles move and contract, we can know if someone is really smiling or just pretending.

This theory gets its name from the French physician Duchenne, who did studies to determine when a person gave a real smile and when it was false.

It is something like non-verbal communication, something corporal. And nowadays can be used in psychology, in courts or other places of importance to know if someone is lying.

It is interesting to know because this way we know when someone is not telling the truth and it is because of a smile.

This happens when the orbicularis oculi muscles are activated.

These muscles raise the cheeks. So, the theory shows that they move involuntarily which allow other people to identify fake smiles from the real one.

So the next time you want to know if the waiter is sincere, look at the shape of his face.

Around his eyes to see if there are physical signs that he is faking.

You can also do this with your friends. If their eyes narrow while they smile, it can be an honest smile.

But if it is not, there are high odds that the joke you just told was not funny to them.

Giving a Great Smile: What Kind of Smile I have?












Some people hide their teeth, some others are happy about it.

Some people are so pleased about their teeth that they give a warmly and openly smile.

The thing here is that teeth can reveal some aspects of ourselves by the shape and size they have. Needs harmony to represent real beauty and dentists know this very well.

For instance, the sexy gap between front teeth like Madonna’s is considered as sensual by the experts.

But, it doesn’t mean that you need it a space between them for cosmetic reasons. Because out there are a lot of people trying to close those gaps by placing porcelain veneers.

Plus, the shape of your face has relation with your teeth, and if you want to improve the appearance of teeth, you need to take into account the shape of your face first.

Plus, besides the smile you have due to the shape of your teeth. There are types of smiles as well. For example:

Lovely Smile: You have that shy smile reserved by that special person only. It is something close to a secret handshake.

The One You Give to an Old Friend: This smile is different from the first one, and you have it to say “I missed you” to an old friend.

Smug One: That kind of smile you give when you know something the rest don’t. And that people can tell you know that something due to this smile.

Faking my Smile: This is an easy one. You can tell when someone is faking a smile by seeing the corner of the lips and their posture. You sometimes give this smile when the food taste bad and you are trying to be polite.

How to Boost your Self-esteem?

We know that our smile has to do with our feelings.

When we were kids, and our teeth were crooked, we felt terrible about our appearance.

Our parents looked for quick ways to get them straight.

But even if we wear braces, there is always something we don’t like about our teeth. It can be the color, size or shape of our teeth.

And many times even if we use braces, we don’t always get the desired results.

Many people don’t know it, but this has a close relationship with our self-esteem.

The appearance of our teeth has an impact on how we feel. How can you improve your self-esteem?

Some studies prove that when patients improve something in their teeth, they have more confidence to smile in public.

Teeth Whitening a Cosmetic Solution

Teeth whitening is probably the most famous cosmetic dental procedure.

Over the years, our teeth can become stained due to many reasons.

They also turn yellow or brown. Something that is unpleasant for many patients, so they look for alternatives to re-blaze their teeth and be able to smile with confidence again.

This procedure is done in different ways.

Some people do it in their homes with many homemade tricks or whitening at home sent it by their dentist.

However, most prefer a whitening in a professional dental office where a dentist can examine their teeth.

Cosmetic teeth whitening is simple, but if you have some other dental problems like cavities, you should first fix them before any whitening.

There are dental offices that send material for patients to make dental impressions on their teeth.

These impressions are sent back by mail to their dentists, who manufacture a mouthpiece.

With this dental piece that is sent again by mail, patients can perform the whitening with a special gel provided by their dentists.

Some people have sensitivity after teeth whitening. But this may happen when their enamel is very weak due to some problem.

This is why you should make a prior consultation with your Clairemont dentist to verify that everything is okay before the procedure.

There are also some people who do whitening with charcoal or baking soda with lemon. But again, you should also visit your dentist to be examined before these remedies.

What is Charcoal Whitening?

There are many Youtube videos on how to do charcoal whitening at home.

What you must take into account before doing those experiments, is that as all procedures of doing it by yourself.

There are risks of causing some damage.

That is why if you do those experiments you must take into account that you do it at your own risk.

There are some chemicals available online or products that you can get very easy.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that each person reacts differently and the results may also vary. So be careful and before doing this, consult it with a professional.

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