Dental Anxiety: Fear to the Tooth Crowns Placement


Sometimes I think that fear of the dentists is in the past, but facts show me a different panorama.

There still are a lot of people afraid of dental appointments.

The overwhelming feeling of going to see a San Diego dentist can be a frequent cause of anxiety.

Patients usually imagine a drill-wielding woman or man in a white coat waiting to have fun causing pain or removing teeth.

But, to be honest, is a lot different than we imagine.

Of course, some dentists are going to try to calm you down be telling you ‘oh, you don’t have to worry’ waiting saying that patient is going to feel better.

The reality, however, is that a patient that is anxious about a dental treatment is not going to feel better by hearing that words. Just don’t.

Now, if that patient needs a dental crown, there can be even more tension.

Let me put it on context: a small portion of a tooth will be removed to make enough space to place a crown.

Since this is irreversible, a patient may have concerns and sometimes deciding that he is going to pass on this solution.

However, sometimes you don’t have any more choices.

You will need something to fix a dental problem and doing on time to avoid future issues on that tooth.

The relaxation, comfort, and professionalism will depend on the office you choose.

The Right Dental Office will calm you Anxiety

To choose the right dental office in Clairemont or anywhere else, you need to be sure about a few things first.

Number one, if you have fear or anxiety, look for a dentist who can be able to support you.

A dentist in Clairemont will explain to you how the treatment is going to be done.

Plus, she or he will do everything they can in order to reduce your fear to the dentist’s chair providing quick and painless procedures.

According to research, there are new dental technology advancements that in a lot of situations give dentists the chance to replace noisy drills with painless laser beams.

Plus, dental offices in San Diego have a variety of new dental techniques to reduce pain during routine consultations.

They are using safe anesthetics to decrease the discomfort on a patient.

The most frequent dental concerns of patients getting a tooth crown are:

  • They are sometimes embarrassed about showing the condition of their teeth.
  • They have a fear of hearing that they will need an extraction.
  • A patient has a fear of injections
  • Anxiety comes because of the fear of losing control
  • The most common is the fear of the pain before the placement a dental crown
  • Dentist’s dental tools (drill)
  • Panic to feeling pain

Something that patient must know is that the placement of a tooth crown is not usually uncomfortable.

A dentist in Clairemont will use a local anesthetic to numb the area.

She will use water along with high-speed dental tools preparing a temporary dental crown.

A temporary crown is not always an option because most dental offices can fabricate it on the same appointment.


However, patients are different from each other. Meaning is that a patient will use a temporary while the final crown is ready, being fabricated if is needed.

If your crown is going to be made, you need to know that usually at the delivery visit, anesthetic won’t be necessary to place and to cement the tooth crown.

However, take into account that if you need a root canal before a dental crown, there is no need to worry about either. In order to save your tooth, a dentist will do everything on his hands.

And if a root canal is a solution before a crown, you will need to listen to your dentist.

Some patients are skipping dentists because they have fear. But the idea of losing a tooth it is scariest.

Because when they feel a sharp pain in one tooth the try to ignore because they may think that the pain is going on its own.

Talk to your Dentist about your Fear

There is nothing wrong with being honest with your dentist. Talk about your fear.

Probably a different person would see it as a regular thing. But there are differences between all patients.

Some of them feel awful about the idea of getting rid of that little portion of a tooth that they will never have back ever again.

They have fear on the results probably.

A dental crown is an easy procedure, but not all people see it that way.

It is more complicated to some people because of the anxiety. So, it will be a good idea to communicate it to your dentist.

You can bring your Music during the Procedure

Another thing that can help you to calm anxiety during a dental crown procedure is bringing a portable music player with you.

Dentists in Clairemont have an option of putting your favorite music during your appointment on a TV.

But if you are more comfortable, you can bring your music device and headphones to calm you down faster.

Bring a Relative or a Close Friend to your Appointment

When someone you know well is around you, instantly you can start to feel better.

Tell your dentist you have a fear to undergo a tooth crown procedure and you need someone you know with you.

When it’s your first time in a dental office, it’s hard to trust.

That is why you may want to take someone with you to keep you company and be present during your procedure.

This will calm your nerves. The important thing is to communicate it to your dentist so he can be aware of your needs.

Remember that dentists don’t read minds, so it will be important to be honest and say what you feel. Most dentists will be open to support you to overcome your fear.

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