Tips to get rid of garlic and onion bread smell - Freshen your breath after a flavorful meal.

Tips to Getting Rid of Garlic and Onion Breath

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The garlic and onion breath can happen to anyone, I’m sure that at some point in your life this happens to you and I know how uncomfortable can be too.

So, we look up for some options to get rid of this bad breath.

Meals can have strong flavor sometimes, and garlic and onion are good flavors, but they are super strong in our mouth too.

If we are with the family at a party or familiar reunion, we usually don’t have too much opportunity to get rid of this smell, but this isn’t true completely.

We have many ways to get rid of it even if we are in a restaurant on a date or in a meeting with our coworkers or our boss.


The first thing that crosses our mind is that we are going to have this breath for hours and that we can’t do anything about it, except no to it that.

But we can’t just don’t eat because regardless the bad breath it left, the garlic and onion are a flavor that is used to give the meals a better taste, and all we know is true.

These ingredients give a tasty experience. Who has had garlic bread without garlic? Is insane.

So, as we know we can give up to this awesome ingredients, I have some advice to get rid of it, even if you are out with family or in a restaurant o reunion at the office.

Take notes about it, because this is going to work for you, I hope.

Why the Garlic and Onion Smell Sticks so Hard in our Mouths?

As I was saying, if you are cooking some lasagna it is crucial to have garlic and onion as main ingredients, because if you don’t use them, we have chances that the meal doesn’t have that uncanny flavor that we love from the Italian food.

Then, why it’s so difficult to get rid of garlic breath?

Well, experts had explained that the garlic, for example, liberates some gases and some chemical substances like the methyl sulfite, which is hard to metabolize in our intestine.

That is why when the garlic goes inside our stomach; the gases make it go back to our mouths, giving the bad breath.

This happens at least with the garlic, but experts have said that is pretty much the same thing with onions.

After eating food with garlic and onions, most of us brush our teeth and use floss, even using a bottle of mouthwash, but sometimes the bad smell doesn’t go.

The reason is that one, the gases in our stomachs due to the garlic are the responsible for the bad breath.

So, maybe you are thinking that it is more complicated than you though getting rid of this breath if you can even be able to eliminate it brushing your teeth because it comes from your intestine.

But don’t worry, we have the solution so that you can enjoy this tasty flavor without any concert.

Eating some Fresh Fruits

After eating garlic bread or anything with onions or garlic on it, we definitely want to get rid of the side effects of the delicious meal.

We can carry our brush teeth and floss with us, but as I was saying early in this post, this isn’t a guarantee to make the smell go.

One of the main advice to get rid of garlic and onion breath is to eat an apple or parsley.

Eating fresh fruit can be a good way to neutralize this breath since it can control the gases that garlic and onions cause in our stomachs.


Chewing the parsley or some minty leaves helps to get rid of the garlic smell.

So, if you want to eat something with this two ingredients maybe you need to carry a couple of carrots, apple o mint leaves with you.

Apples can work, and lettuce, lemon juice, and spinach can work too, but I think it is difficult to carry a lettuce or spinach in your purse or your pockets, but if you are at home or in a restaurant you can order some salad to improve your breath after eating food with garlic and onions.

Aromatic chemicals are found in plants that react directly with the compounds that create garlic breath, so it is indeed a fantastic idea having this fruits and vegetables after eating lasagna, garlic bread, and spaghetti, among other meals with high garlic or onions content.

Brushing and Flossing is still an option

After eating, you can try to get rid of the garlic breath, brushing your teeth and maybe using a tongue cleaner, don’t forget to floss because is still a good idea to clean your mouth after eating.

Indeed, you must wash your mouth no matter if you have had garlic or onions as ingredients in your food, but also as a healthy habit for your teeth.

Remember that much of the bacteria stick on your teeth and may cause severe breath too, so, is not necessary to eat garlic to have bad breath.

Take into account that you must carry your teeth cleaning products with you every time you go out.

We spend so much time at the office and at work and claim to have very busy lives, but regardless this, we need to wash our mouth at least twice a day.

With our morning coffee among other office snacks, with getting bacteria, germs that stuck in our teeth and gums.

So, next time you think garlic and onions are only responsible for bad breath, think it twice.

Is the Milk a Good Ally too?

Ok, this may sound weird but is true.

The Journal of Food Science makes a research al published a study that reveals that milk can be an excellent ally to eliminate the garlic and onion breath.

They said that the water in the milk acts as a mouth rinse because the fat can neutralize the sulfur gases.


But it needs to be whole milk because it didn’t work the same with skim.

So if you think this is too weird, if you don’t feel like drinking milk, you have some many options to get rid of garlic breath.

Milk can take away the garlic breath, and you can take advantage of that.

Because let’s face it, we can’t live without the flavor of the garlic.

Also, this ingredient has been used in medicine for thousands of years, plus it is also an excellent source of magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and selenium.

We just can give up on the tasty garlic and of course neither the onion, because they offer so much beyond just the flavor.

You can opt for the milk to eliminate the bad breath of the garlic, take into account that it is not so bad either, is not that awful after all.

The Minty Fresh Gum

Well, chewing some gum can result in a good idea, but I don’t recommend because personally, I believe that gum can damage the enamel in our teeth and also, is like cheating your brain.


Your brain is always sending signals to the rest of the body just to make sure that everything is ok and also, to let it know something is wrong.

So, if we chew gum, we are allowing know our body that we are still eating, which can result in some tummy aches and stuff.

But it is not like this to all of us; some people can chew minty gum and have incredible results, so, if you are some of this persons, chewing gum is one option to you to get rid of the garlic and onions effects.

Drinking Green Tea

Is well known that Green Tea is fantastic for our digestion, but maybe you didn’t know that is used to get rid of garlic breath.

I discovered this a couple of months back when somebody told me to drink green tea to get rid of bad breath.

I was surprised to know it because I’m a tea fan, I love red and green tea, but I didn’t know about the effects that green tea have over onion and garlic smell in our stomach and consequently in our mouths.

Next time you are in home or at the office, make sure you have some green tea with you because according to a recent study, is super effective to digestion and also to neutralize the bad breath caused by garlic.

Brush and Floss your Teeth

Well, this is the simplest advice of all.

As I was saying before, we can have teeny tiny teeth brush with us in our pockets or in our purse.

What they came in small sizes, as the mouthwash. Of course, we can carry our floss too.

We have plenty options to have a nice breath and If you think about it, the garlic and onion breath isn’t that bad after all.

It is not like the worse thing ever and you can handle with so many alternatives and brushing your teeth is one of them.

An image of a woman brushing her teeth, demonstrating proper oral care.

All the pieces of advice that I gave you today are the most common advice and they are super easy to follow.

You can choose one of them and never regret eating garlic or onion again.

We know it can be a chat killer, even worse if you are on a date, but don’t worry you don’t need to give up the tasty flavor of this ingredients.


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