Dentist in San Diego: Can my Diet Affect my Dental Health?

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Your Clairemont dentist has concerns about the sugary beverages their patients are consuming.

Drinks like sodas, juices, and energy beverages with non-nutritious values can affect the health of teeth.

The foods we eat not only can harm our teeth, but also affect our overall health.

Food choices and eating habits among adults, teens, and little kids are crucial factors to take into account.

These habits can quickly develop dental problems such as tooth decay.

Our teeth say a lot about our eating patterns because bacteria that comes into contact with sugar in our mouths can produce acid attacking the enamel of our teeth in no time.

All these signs are visible to our dentist, and we can’t lie about it.

Sometimes, when we have a lack of nutrients, it can be hard for our mouth to resist gum diseases or infections.

All bacteria in our mouth can cause major problems.

For instance, if we also have bad oral care habits, we can expect periodontal disease, which in most cases end in tooth loss.

Although our diet does not cause gum diseases directly, many studies show that our eating habits can rush this process.

A lot of people can’t maintain a healthy diet.

Experts can recommend eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and foods that are part of the five big food groups.


Healthy Snacks for Better Oral Health

healthy snack

Your Clairemont dentist can suggest reducing sugary beverages or hard candies. But is up to you to pick a better diet. Here you can find a few bits of advice for healthy snacks.

  • You can have apple slices with peanut butter.
  • Little pieces of your favorite cheese.
  • Raw vegetables (ask your dentist about this first, especially if you have veneers)
  • Plain yogurt.
  • Fruits like apples, watermelon, and bananas.
  • Almonds
  • Drink enough water daily.
  • If you love coffee, you will need to reduce it a little bit.
  • Dark chocolate instead of the milky and sweet one.
  • Pieces of pineapples.
  • Cucumbers.
  • Grapefruits.
  • Baked tortilla chips.

Remember that sugary snacks can taste delicious, but candies and sugar are not healthy options for your teeth and neither for your body.

Sweets, chocolates, cookies, and other types of sugary snacks between meals can cause cavities.

Don’t worry if you already got cavities; your Clairemont dentist can help.

Act as soon as you start feeling that something is wrong with one of your teeth.

Remember that you can modify your sweet snacks for healthy ones. It is so easy when you are willing to change sweets for meals with more nutrients.

Is sugar Forbidden Forever?

Some sugary snacks contain too much fat in them.

Children who eat sugary foods are consuming many different types of sugar daily.

Your dentist and also your doctor can make some recommendations about your family diet.

Because the health of your teeth sometimes depends on what you eat.

For instance, a dentist will always tell you that you need to have absolute control over sugary foods.

In our mouth, we have germs that we can’t see, bacteria that are living in our mouth.

Bacteria allow tartar and plaque formation in your gums and the very surface of your teeth.

And these bacteria can turn up sugar into acids, which is strong enough to start dissolving the enamel of teeth.

And it is not that sugar and snacks are forbidden, the bottom line here is that you need to listen to the words of your dentist, and also your doctor.

When you have a healthy diet, you can expect a lot of benefits. Among these benefits, you can expect to lose extra weight and better oral health.

Think twice before you eat sugary foods or drink beverages with a lot of sugar in them.

Maybe a different choice would be better for the teeth of your family.

Plus, keep in mind that some sweets can cause even more damage than others.

For example, sticky foods stay more in your teeth, which mean that while you are chewing, you are giving them a sugar bath.

The important advice here: brush your teeth if you were eating sugar.

You need to do it, especially if you are going to bed after eating a sweet snack.

Some patients confess that they love to eat candies right after dinner.

If you have candies after dinner, make sure to brush your teeth before hitting your pillows.

Clairemont Dentist: Helping When Cavities Strikes

Clairemont Dentist

Most patients have been through the unfortunate experience of having cavities.

These tiny little holes that form in our teeth are also known as caries.

No matter how strong our teeth enamels is, cavities will find the way to eat it.

Usually, caries can be seen because sometimes they turn into black spots on the surface of your teeth.

This stage (cavities) is what your Clairemont dentist wants to avoid.

You may think that they are just tiny little black spots that will go away with time.

But cavities are not something that goes away on their own.

You will need to see your Clairemont dentist, especially if you begin to feel pain in that tooth along with sensibility.

Sometimes you can’t see cavities, but you can feel pain.

You can’t ignore pain because it won’t go away on its own either.

At this point, only bad things happen if you leave a cavity without proper treatment.

One of these bad things can be that the infection reaches the nerve of your tooth. When the infection reaches the nerve, you can expect nothing but a root canal.

But, when a root canal is not enough to save your tooth, your Clairemont dentist will have more choice than extract your tooth. And all we know that you can’t just leave that gaps in your mouth.

Is sugar the only Threat to my Teeth?

junk food

Of course, that sugar is not the only villain in this movie.

For example, chewing ice or tobacco can cause big harm to our teeth too.

Plus, maybe you didn’t know about this, but acidic snacks harm your teeth also.

Citric foods such as lemons, juices and some fruits erode enamel.

Citric make teeth susceptible to decay just as candies can. Maybe not with the same impact, but you can be sure citric can too.

We love coffee, and we can’t resist the taste, the smell and the benefits of a great coffee.

However and even when it’s better to have it as natural as possible, we can’t resist adding sugar sometimes.

Plus, let’s not forget that coffee can stain our teeth. That is why your Clairemont dentist suggests to reduce the intake of coffee and adding less sugar to it.

Basically, almost everything hurt our teeth at some level.

I mean, from pizza to hamburgers, cavities can find us. As you can see, a lot of foods can also harm our teeth.

Candies are not the only culprits.

You need to watch what you and your family are eating.

Because our diet can affect our teeth, but also the rest of our body. Eating grains, seeds, nuts, dairy product, and green vegetables can help to improve our overall health.

When to see a Dentist?

You need to see your dentist at least twice a year.

But, if you start feeling that something is wrong with your teeth, you must go as soon as possible.

Sometimes, prevention is the key to avoid a lot of dental problems. If your Clairemont dentist detects cavities at early stages, you can expect just dental fillings perhaps.

But, if you ignore the pain, the thing can get worse and worse only.

Remember that good oral care habits can also contribute to better dental health.

All these tips here can be different for each patient.

The recommendations depend on the health conditions of patients. Some conditions or diseases can interfere with our diet, especially when it comes to little kids.

So try to eat healthily but consult your doctor first.

Before you start a diet to lose extra weight or avoid cavities, you need the advice of professional people.

So, make an appointment today to see your Clairemont dentist here at Serena Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.

You can avoid dental problems today with dental prevention during a consultation.

Remember that we have free second opinions. Don’t forget that good dental hygiene can help to improve the health of your teeth.

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