Differences between a Dental Office and a Dental Clinic

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Many patients are wondering what’s the difference between a Dental Office and a Dental Clinic. Well, belief or not, there are plenty differences between both. Also, some patients think that a Dental Office is more expensive than the Clinic.

I’ll tell you something if you are worried about prices you can relax now, the quality of a Dental Office is not a synonymous of a more expensive treatment, and Dental Clinic is definitely not one for quality.

Dental Office

We aren’t going to tell you which is the best option for you, but here you can find some ideas that may help you to recognize the variation in one and another. So first, in a dental office, you are going to enjoy a personalized care.

You are coming into the office, and you are going to find in most of them, a reception and a place you can wait, maybe there’s a television, and you can watch some of your favorite’s shows or maybe a movie while waiting.

While you are waiting, you can read some magazines and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Dental Clinic

In a Dental Clinic, patients can be treated with the same care as a Dental Office. The service is express, so you go in and go out as fast as they can. That doesn’t mean that they are going to perform some dangerous dental work.

Actually, they are going to take care of you. Mostly, dental clinics can be found as government services, incorporate groups, in a school, hospitals, etc. Maybe they may have limited appointments, which means that you maybe can’t set an appointment after-hours and of course the prices are low.

What can a Dental Office offer me?

As I was saying, you choose on this. Daily we meet patients that prefer a private dental office, they called like being at home due to the trust that generates going to a place that cares for you and your family. The special treat is basically one of the most important things in our office, giving high quality services is the plus.

Also, a Dental Office can offer you cosmetic treatments. I know this guy that fell down while driving his bike and broke one of his teeth almost by the half.

The came in our office in Clairemont, here in California and he was pretty worried about the whole stuff. He had his treatment on the same day, and he was very happy about it.

The Coffee


I’m pretty sure that you like coffee, almost everyone does. Personally, I’m one of them I just love coffee and every time I’m going for a treatment or anything in an office or something, is nice to me be able about have a cup a coffee while I’m waiting.

Some dental offices know this, and they are prepared to give you a great coffee while you are expecting for them. I see this as an awesome way to tell you that they care about you being comfortable at their office.

Patients Records

If you go to a Dental Office, they probably have your file. In the reception area is a person who says hello to you and helps you during your visit, but also he/she give you some papers that help the dentist know about your needs and previous treatments.

This help to remember what is already done and what comes after.

I think this is crucial to all Dental Offices, they have so many patients that is pretty obvious that doctors aren’t remembered every single thing about them.

Every detail is important to be in the clinic file of patients.

It helps to identify issues like allergies to some medications or stuff like that too. So, having a clinic file with your clinic history is vital and some dental clinics don’t do it because the idea of not seeing one patient again is with them.

Some people go to the dentist due to some tooth in pain, some cavity or something like that and never come back again, so to some clinics having a clinic file for every patient they have; it’s not so relevant.

Laboratory and others areas in Dental Office

Sometimes you, when you visit your dentist, requires having X-rays and some extra studies that regularly are done in other places, but in a Dental Office can be done in the same place with low extra costs.

Plus, in a Dental Office, you can find staff in other areas that can help you with any treatment as the dental assistant or the lady on the front desk, always giving you a great service and care.

What can a Dental Clinic Offer me?

If you have a dental emergency and don’t have insurance, you probably think that going to clinics is better option to improve your health. However, you need to know a couple of things.

First of all, a clinic can be any, and by any, I’m saying ANY place where dental services are available and this place can be a small room, schools, and government offices almost every place that provides any health services can perform dental works if they have the dentist with them.

Of course, is cheaper and you can have the services or treatments that you need.

But, you must follow some rules, is most cases treatments need to be for functional reasons and not cosmetic, what am I trying to tell you with this?

That if you need veneers or maybe implants and you are in some school or government program, perhaps you wouldn’t get them.

Dental Work in a School

Some people like to go to a school to get dental work. They do it because regularly, going to a dental school represent lower prices compared with private practices. Yes, they are right about this, going to a dental school can be cheaper.

The main reason of this is because as a patient, you are providing an educational purpose to students that are still learning how to be a dentist. Of course, every work made it by students is under the supervision of experts and teachers.

Is a bad idea opt for a Dental Clinic?

Like I was saying earlier in this post, knowing the differences between a Dental Clinic and a Dental Office will give you an idea of both.

One other thing you need to take into account is that a Dental Clinic can be a corporation with a lot of doctors, specialist and in most cases, your treatments must be done quickly, so as soon as you get in you are out of the clinic and luckily with your problem fixed.

There’s something in the engineer’s world; they commonly say that if it functional its worth, no matter if is not pretty enough. That is a reality when you go to a clinic that happens. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that you are getting a bad dental work, no, it means that not in all cases is going to end with a pretty smile.

Usually, they take care of cavities, root canals and stuff like that. You call called it a dental vital or crucial stuff to fix. Some other times is because of a gum disease or other problem. If you need some of this treatments and you just can go to see a dentist in a Dental Clinic, go for it.

Is a Dental Office better than a Dental Clinic?

Unquestionably a Dental Private Office has a lot of differences in comparison with a Dental Clinic. I’m not saying that you are getting less quality on treatments, or a better treat in one than in other.

You are paying a little bit more on a Dental Office, sure you do, but in contrast, you are having a high-level treatment that usually comes with a state on the art technology, that’s why going to a private office can cost a little bit more.

In a Dental Clinic maybe you can’t be able to find either the technology or high-level professionalism, but that is not a bad thing.

Frequently you can approach only those treatments that you need in a Dental Clinic, and if you want to improve your smile giving so much beauty to it, you can opt for the private dental office.


Earlier at this post, I said that if you are in a hurry needing dental assistant run away without having insurance, probably a Dental Clinic will be a good option. Because if you look up for a government help on your treatment, probably you are going to get it. But you keep in mind that this can be limited.

But also, you can go to a dental office, probably is going to have a different price but it’s safe and is worthy. You do a research of dental offices in your area and pick one that you like. Some people have the wrong idea of having a quality dental treatment is too expensive but it is not like that in most cases because a lot of dental offices have affordable prices and great dental services.

So, I encourage to look up for a good affordable dental office and have the better attention, treatments, and services for you and your family. San Diego has a lot of opportunities to improve smiles and Serena Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is an awesome choice.

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