Eating Chocolates: Can my Dentist Recommend it?

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Can a dentist recommend chocolates? You probably think that it is crazy, but it happens.

Chocolates have been subjected to numerous tests to determine once and for all if they have benefits.

The results have always been positive in recent research.

In fact, chocolates have a huge history before became so popular in social media.

The Mayans and the Aztecs prepared chocolates thousands of years ago as part of their rituals. The recipe managed to survive until these days.

Many people think that chocolates are the worst enemy of the teeth.

They also believe that candies are the worst enemy. But what really happens here is that it’s not that they are enemies.

Bad oral hygiene is. You can eat sweets if you are going to brush your teeth later that day.

But if you’re going to eat sugar and you’re going to let two days go by without brushing, you can be sure that it is an awful thing to do.

Dental problems almost always derive from poor hygiene, but I’m not saying you can eat all the sweets you want neither.

You must have in mind that the number of candies you also consume matters.

Some Clairemont dentists and specialists have done their investigations.

Stay to read the rest of this blog so you can learn more about the benefits of chocolates.

Chocolates: A Little Bit of History

ancient chocolates

The history of chocolates goes back 4,000 years ago or so when the Aztecs and Mayas rule ancient Mexico.

These cultures played a huge role in the making and creation of chocolates from the discovering of cocoa.

You can find a lot of facts that involves one of the most delicious inventions in the world.

Before becoming what they are now, these sweet delights were part of Aztec and Mayan rituals.

It was also used for medical purposes thanks to its properties.

However, you should know that it was dark chocolate, that is, we can’t speak for milk chocolate or those with large amounts of sugar.

Keep that in mind, so we don’t get confused.

Dark chocolate and Cocoa aren’t just the exotic foodstuffs that drive us crazy and immensely happy nowadays.

Chocolates are prevalent in our days, but they have a vast and rich history behind.

Same as the coffee, chocolate’s backgrounds are in the pre-Columbian cultures in Latin America.

Plus, when Cortes and his men came for the very first time to America, they took cocoa’s beans back to Europe where it was prepared in different ways giving a more attractive, colorful and elegant touch.

In the Europe of Hernan Cortés, they found many ways to prepare cocoa beans.

They will even begin to drink it hot. The taste of chocolate is always related to something luxurious, pleasant, exotic and erotic.

It has been in our history for many many years, and each culture adopted it differently. In each country, we can see in action the versatility of chocolate and its properties.

My Dentist Can Recommend Chocolates?


When people hear that a dentist can recommend chocolates, they get confused.

Usually, a dentist may tell you to stay away from chocolate and candies.

But, before you reach the first bar of chocolate next to you, continue reading this.

It is not all chocolate; you must take this into account beforehand.

Dark chocolate is good for digestion, serves as an antioxidant and also protects your teeth.

But you should not abuse.

You can eat around 4-5 oz. of this per day to enjoy the benefits.

But you need to be sure that you are eating sugar-less to enjoy more advantages.

Dark chocolate reduces your chances of getting cavities.

Chocolates are aphrodisiac and therapeutic since the flavor can be magic to a lot of people.

Plus, if you are consuming organic chocolates you have even more chances to get more nutrients.

It is the food of the gods indeed, but be careful. Don’t abuse of chocolate, even when it has a lot of benefits, keep it in control.

Some research shows that dark chocolate can provide more protection against tooth decay than fluoride.

The ingredients in some chocolates include more sugar than cocoa.

This can’t benefit your teeth as much as the dark one.

Make sure your chocolate has more cocoa than sugar to enjoy its anti-bacterial benefits.

Sugar serves as food for certain harmful bacteria in our mouths.

By eating sugar, the bacteria transform it into acids that damage our teeth.

That is why you should know very well how to choose your chocolates.

Listen to your dentist and first of all, ask for advice from a professional.

Dark Chocolate: Some Compounds can Prevent Decay

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants, which are a group of molecules.

These molecules, whether made by man or naturals, help to delay or prevent some types of damage that occur in our cells.

It has been found that dark chocolates have more antioxidants than the famous green tea people always recommend.

Plus, some types of tea can stain the teeth.

Besides, dark chocolate antioxidants can increase saliva levels by preventing and reducing the risks of gum diseases.

Dark chocolates contain a component called CBH which fight buildups of tartar and plaque.

Plus, it helps our enamel making it stronger and less susceptible to cavities and decay.

Some people believe that in the future, scientists are going to use this component to create new kinds of toothpaste.

Can you imagine a tube of toothpaste made it of dark chocolate?

I believe it would be nice to have that taste in your mouth.

But to many people, it is better having a minty fresh breath after brushing teeth.

However, there could be a minty chocolate taste if they are going to create dark chocolate inspired toothpaste.

If you love chocolate, you must take into account that to take advantage of the benefits you must eat it dark.

You can capture properties better when you opt for the sugar-free chocolate.

And even better when it is entirely organic and with a lot of cocoa.

Visit your Clairemont Dentist Regularly

Even when you are taking care of your teeth with the necessary cleaning routine, you will need to visit your Clairemont dentist.

Your dentist is the only person on earth who can tell you if there is a problem with your teeth.

You can feel however that something is wrong with your teeth.

But your dentist will determine what it is and how to fix it.

So, try to visit your dentist at least twice a year or once in a while.

Plus, remember that you need teeth cleaning at least twice a year too.

Even when dark chocolate has a lot of benefits for your body and teeth, nothing better than seeing a professional.

So don’t forget this.

In San Diego, you can find a lot of stores in where you will find chocolates.

Delicious chocolates are good for our soul, but not every kind is right for our health, so keep that in mind.

The fortune that we have nowadays is to be able to use the internet to find answers and advice from other people.

Reading experiences from other people will help you to pick the right products.

As long as you hear your dentist first, you will be fine.

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