Diseases Related to Our Oral Health

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Some people aren’t worried enough about their oral health, some of them think the mouth is a part separate from the body. Indeed is a different part of our body.

Definitely, we agree with this but needs the same or even more care sometimes that the rest of body.

You can’t imagine all the issues that a bad oral health can bring us.

I know, it’s a little bit difficult to think that if you don’t brush your teeth or have extra cares with your mouth, you going to feel the consequences in your health.

Why we avoid dentists?

I don’t know why people feel so stressed about going to the dentist, I mean, I use to have a genuine fear about too.

But once you find a good dentist that inspired you to trust and calm, going to the dentist will be different from now on.

Hear all those sounds when you are at the dentist office, such as chirps or something drilling, often gives us the wrong idea.

Visit dentist it’s almost a stigma for some people that the years can go by and they never think in going. That is a bad, bad idea.

Other people give the excuse of money to avoid dentist or that their lives are busy enough to find the time.

I read that it is increasingly common to hear that oral health is vital to overall health.

More than 80 percent of Americans, for instance, live with periodontal or gum disease. I don’t know, but to me, that kind of number worried me.

Why is Dental Health Related to Other Diseases?


I read and hear this question a lot, and it is completely normal to wondering why the oral health is related to other body diseases. This can be a wide topic because, first of all, it can depend from person to person.

But facts are that a good health it can always be linked to a proper care of our teeth and mouth, which is relevant to mention because here can begin one issue, the mother of the oral health issues.

I know it’s hard to believe but there are some people that brush their teeth just if they remember it.

Yes, is like they get up go to work and everything, then they are back in the home and at night they just hit the bed without even worry about the toothbrush.

Of course, this can be an issue due to all the bacteria and food that accumulated in our mouth daily. Can imagine?

To begin with, if we don’t wash our teeth at least twice a day, it is likely that these accumulated bacteria will start to give us significant health problems. If we let this make progress, everything can go from bad to worse.

Gum Disease

The gum disease is the inflammation of our gums, but there are some types of gum disease.

You need to go visit your dentist if you think you have one of the sighs as I said, the thing only can get worse.

But it is equally important to keep in mind that gum disease can get us more troubles than can we handle and now you probably be thinking that it can’t happen at this level, but surely, it can.


The gingivitis is a gum inflammation, is a treatable and reversible disease that starts with inflammation, but we have the first stage and we a have a middles one.

This is crucial when you are detecting the earliest stages is essential to pay attention to it.

That is a common thing to happen and according to the American Academy of Periodontology, others factors as smoking or chewing tobacco, the stress, pregnancy, diabetes, substance abuse, etc., contribute to increased risk for developing gum disease.

So, maybe some things that we do daily might be seen as harmless things to do, but the truth is that as you can see a lot of factors can bring problems to our mouth.

Things like smoking or chewing tobacco, you know? A lot of people do this and to put the cherry on top; they have poor dental hygiene.

I just saw a lot of photos of patients that never worried about their dental health, and suddenly they realize that their teeth are going down.

When they are losing their teeth, then they go to the dentist, but in most of this cases, it is too late.


Remember when I was saying about gum disease stages? Well, periodontal disease is one. When you reach this level on the gum disease, in most cases there’s no turning back, this is irreversible.

Remember all those movies where the bad guy pull out of his victim’s teeth? One of our worst nightmares involves losing all our teeth.

This can happen when we are aging, but also can occur early if we don’t have a good oral health.

When Gingivitis disease is not treated, it can turn into a periodontal (periodontitis) disease, in which gums pull away from teeth and form huge spaces that can be infected.

This can be caused due to bacteria and the body fights back against it, but sometimes this is not enough, the bacteria spreads and grows below the gum lines and stars breaking the teeth bones.

Eventually become loose and have to be removed.

Other Sighs of Gums Disease

If you have painful chewing, sensitive teeth to heat and cold, loose teeth, bad breath that doesn’t go away even if you brush them, red or swollen gums, among others sighs.

You must set an appointment with a dentist because you can be right in time to stop any disease or danger that compromise your oral health.

Also, the bleeding gums are signs of gum disease.

This happens when you bite an apple for instance and your gums bleed a little.

It is not necessary to eating something to this happen. Also, they can bleed when brushing your teeth.

The bleeding is because the gums are tender and sensitive due to the infection.

Also, you can notice that gums are receding make your teeth look longer than the way they were before the infection.

Even you can notice some pus between them. I know, this is gross but it happens to take it into account.

Heart Diseases due to Gums

You probably don’t know about it or you may not but not believe it, but if the bacteria spread it may cause that your heart suffers too.

While the connection isn’t proven yet, plenty of evidence had shown that a periodontal condition has something to do with heart diseases.

Some studies showed that people with gum diseases were more likely to develop cardiovascular problems and have difficulty to controlling blood sugar. It is normal since our mouth is part of our body.

The bacteria in your mouth can represent a lot of troubles.

Bacteria can infect areas into your mouth and then make their way into other parts of our body through the bloodstream.

When you reach this point, your general health can be compromised, is a bacteria we are talking about going through our veins.

Medications for Gums Diseases

When you have inadequate dental care and develop a gum disease, this part can be difficult to anyone but to someone without insurance can also be too expensive.

So, if you think you have a gum disease if you have the synthons, it’s time for you to go see your dentist first.

It’s vital to me to tell you that it is not a good idea to take some drug prescribed by yourself.

You must go to see your dentistry. First, he or she can perhaps recommend the use of an antiseptic mouthwash that contains chlorhexidine to use it to disinfect your mouth.

Then they may prescribe you oral antibiotics or another kind of drugs to improve your health trying to stop the infection.

It’s critical to say that this type of medications, are strong and they must be handled with care.

How to Prevent Gum disease?

Like I said before, prevent the gums diseases is so easy nowadays, you just need to keep a good care of your teeth Use your dental floss, brush them every day, and use a good toothpaste.

Don’t forget your molars and visit your dentists when you notice that something isn’t right.


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