Should I Help My Kid to Pull a Loose Tooth?


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Your child is running around playing outside with a baby tooth that it’s loose. It is normal that we want to help them.

As children, we also went through that, and we already know what it feels like.

So, they wiggle the loose tooth back and forth and shows it to everybody.

But at some point, she or he gets restless and wants it out.

It becomes a source of frustration. Many people even have some tricks to pull baby tooth out using doors and other kinds of ways.

So you are tempted to jump in there and help your kid by pulling it out yourself, but is that really such a good idea?

Usually, the answer to the question is no.

If a baby tooth needs to be pulled because the time has come and it doesn’t fall, that should be left to a professional.

If this tooth is loose and ready to be out anytime soon, it should come out on its own within the next few weeks or days.

On this post, we can maybe help you with a few reasons to avoid helping with this process.

Why Let Nature Take Its Course

Baby tooth

Let nature take its course it does not always want some parents to do.

They prefer to take this little tooth out by themselves. But before pulling the baby tooth out, you need to keep in mind a couple of things.

The result of pulling the baby tooth before its ready can be unnecessary bleeding, which may upset a little kid.

They are already scared about the process and an extraction at home can scare them even more.

Imagine the scene with all the blood and also the pain.

The kid will probably get it out on his own after wiggling it for a couple of weeks or days anyway.

Maybe there is no reason enough to pull it out by yourself.

Some parents may think that the tooth is a choking hazard. But there is no need to worry about that, there is no reason for it getting swallowed.

Fact is that around age 6 or 7 approximately, the child will begin losing baby teeth to make room for permanent.

It is a natural process in every child’s life and shouldn’t require any help or assistance.

However, if you feel something is wrong because a tooth that should be coming out is still in its place.

Don’t panic, it must be a reason for that tooth to not coming out yet.

Your dentist is the best person to know these reasons and the best thing you can do it is set an appointment to clear any doubt.

Pediatric Dentistry


While our focus is always on prevention of teeth and gums issues.

We also provide services to all family members, like restorative and cosmetic care for kids.

So, if your child needs a baby tooth extraction, our specially trained pediatric dentists can do it.

They can always handle these matters in a way that will help your children to be happy and relax in the dentist’s chair.

Every kid will go through the experience of having a tooth extraction when their baby teeth don’t fall off at the right time.

They will experience losing a tooth at some point in life, they can’t just skip it.

I know that as parents, you have concerns about whether you should let the tooth fall out on its own or do something about taking action to make the process go faster.

There are a lot of ways to you and your kid addressing the issues of a loose tooth.

However, before you take action, you may want to keep in mind some crucial factors first.

Why is the Tooth Loose?

We can always have questions about the health of our family.

So, it’s important that you know the reasons why teeth are loose.

First of all, a baby tooth fall out to make space for the permanent teeth in order that they appear. Kids usually start losing teeth about the six years old.

A loose tooth in a child does not always indicate that a permanent tooth is trying to emerge. The tooth may be loose as a result of some accident or trauma.

Remember that they are still kids and they can have accidents.

But regardless of the reason the tooth is loose, it’s very important that a dentist makes an examination of it.

The dentist is the only person who can determine if the permanent tooth suffered any kind of harm.

If you have concerns about why your children are losing their tooth.

Get in touch with us at Serena Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

We can put both you and your kid at ease with the dental treatments to improve the health of your teeth while you are keeping a beautiful smile.

Taking Care of Their New Teeth


Once baby teeth are all gone, you need to focus as a parent of a child on avoid giving your kid sodas, candies, fruit juices or other sugary beverages.

Sugar always lead to tooth decay and cavities.

Little kids must learn how to brush their teeth and how to take care of them so they can avoid any kind of dental problem.

At some point in their lives, they are going to have some dental issue.

But it is better if you prevent any problem by reducing the intake of sugar and don’t forget to brush and floss.

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