11 Myths & Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

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myths and facts about cosmetic dentistry

People who are mainly focusing in getting that special transformative smile to up their game and improve their social life, tend to over complicate things when they are choosing a proper Cosmetic Dentist. The reason for this is the many misconceptions there are about Cosmetic Dentistry, there are many myths and facts about the topic that we are about to clarify in this article. In order to get all the answers right, we got a little help from Serena Dental’s Dr. Serena Kurt who was kind enough to give us her time to talk about this. Dr. Kurt is one of the top five Cosmetic Dentists in the world and is widely celebrated as one of the most decorated women in Dentistry in the United States.

  1. It only affects your looks: We’ll start with the first myth and one of the most common ones, although Cosmetic Dentistry does restore your mouth’s natural functionality, it also deeply affects your social life as you will notice after you do a complete makeover of your whole denture. It can also affect the way you ingest foods and beverages and educate you in what is actually good or bad for your Dental Health, Cosmetic Dentistry also gets completely rid of bacteria harboring cracks and crevices.
  2. Home whitening kits are as good as professional treatment: This is a huge lie, don’t pay attention to the ads of portable Dental Whitening kits that only aim to empty your pockets. If you want to get a proper Whitening, the absolute best option is to get professional treatment with an experienced professional such as Dr. Serena Kurt. At home kits do manage to remove some surface stains or superficial problems in your denture. However, professional treatment also works on improving your overall health that gets longer lasting results, this is much better than just coloring your teeth.
  3.  Cosmetic Dentistry looks unnatural: This is a very common misconception because in regular adds there are some photoshop or editing mistakes the marketing team makes in all campaigns, there is no reason to get scared for this. The Cosmetic Dentistry process is natural and the way they whiten your teeth usually goes by layers, nobody gets an unnatural color with this process because Cosmetic Dentists adapt to the color you are already rocking. Dr. Kurt is an expert at this and you won’t feel like your new color is forced in any way.
  4. The process takes too long: We all know that you have a busy schedule and you don’t really have time to sit in a Dentist chair for hours, that’s why Cosmetic Dentists like Dr. Serena keep training throughout their careers. They study hard and do everything in their power to help you get out of the doctor’s office as soon as possible, and most importantly, with a clean smile. The technology plays a huge part in this also, because today’s state of the art machinery gets same day results. Although not all Dental Practices have that technology within reach, only a few can afford to buy their own machines. Fortunately, Dr. Kurt does have the latest in technology in the Dental clinic.
  5. The prices are too high: Let’s be honest here, Dental treatment in America is expensive by nature, but there are many places where there are alternative payment methods and deals in place with the most powerful Dental Insurance companies in the world. Places like Serena Dental have very good deals that can help you not feel the overly expensive treatment, it doesn’t really matter which treatment you are looking for whether it’s Zoom Whitening or Invisalign, there is always an affordable option for you.
  6. Cosmetic Dentistry is elective and you don’t need it: This is another misconception that most people tell themselves because they don’t really know better, but in the future we will look at a trend that will dictate how Cosmetic Dentistry will become one of the most requested treatments in the world. Because it’s not only about good looks, people will organically understand that Cosmetic Dentistry is another one of those vital everyday needs that often fixes necessary dental problems such as cracked teeth, missing teeth, and other major problems that affect your life in many fundamental ways. This is why a myth like this will get debunked sooner than anyone expects.
  7.  Getting Cosmetic Dental Treatment will affect my health: There is a false belief among regular folks that Cosmetic Dentistry can bring about poor general health and even cause various types of disease. But that could not be further from the truth, Cosmetic Dental treatments such as Dental Fillings, Inlays/Onlays and others can save much more of your teeth natural structure than you can imagine. Cosmetic Dentistry is proven to increase longevity in senior citizens compared to leaving a tooth in its present state, there are many benefits that come with Cosmetic Dental Treatment people don’t even know about. This affects both your aesthetic viewpoint and overall health in a positive manner.
  8. Cosmetic Dental procedures hurt: This is another misconception that simply isn’t true, if you go to a professional who has proven her career several times like Dr. Kurt has, you won’t have a problem and going to the Dentist will become one of your favorite activities of the month. Because there is a lot of people who commonly hate going to the dentist due to the overall pain and discomfort they suffer during the procedure, this is because they are being treated by an inexperienced Dentist who doesn’t take care of the patient as they should. Dr. Serena Kurt knows how to take the pain away at all times, the steps she takes to minimize pain through anesthetic are nothing to worry about.
  9. Only children can wear braces: Another procedure that is very common in Cosmetic Dentistry is the braces treatment, but people often think that kids are the only ones suited to wear them. This is completely false, it’s never too late to start wearing braced and fix that crooked smile that will improve your lifestyle in the blink of an eye, reaching adulthood has nothing to do with your capacity to wear braces. Actually, 2 out of every five patients Orthodontists treat are adults.
  10. Braces get easily attracted to giant magnets: The time has come to talk about a little bit of comedy, this seems like a myth created by a child but believe it or not it does exist. They say that if you go by a giant magnet and you are wearing braces, you will be attracted by the magnet and get stuck to it. For one this seems like a slapstick comedy bit from a movie, braces material has evolved throughout the years and they are made of materials that are non-magnetic in nature. So there is nothing to worry about.
  11. Braces are extremely painful and the treatment takes many years: Even I got scared off by this myth, I must accept that I still have lower crooked teeth and after taking with Dr. Serena Kurt I was convinced to wear braces again. In reality, people can get used to braces really quickly. Once that adjustment period is gone, they get really comfortable after a while and you even miss them sometimes after they come off. Treatment period varies from patient to patient.

But why do these myths keep on surfacing?

People keep falling for all these myths that do no good to general Cosmetic Dentistry, if they were more well-informed about the whole process they wouldn’t have to go through any kind of doubt and everybody would look Cosmetic Dental Treatment as a priority. For one, trolls on the internet and people who love writing puff-pieces to discredit anything in specific are what drive the viral internet these days. We as humans have a desperate need to talk about any issue even if we don’t understand it, and since Dentistry can be confused for a dull topic, once you get to know more about it you won’t stop educating yourself with more knowledge.

Patients who grew up being bullied all their life because they had a crooked smile or were missing some teeth, look at Cosmetic Dentistry as a life saver because after they got through the treatment their lives changed dramatically. Some folks may look at Cosmetic Dentistry as a superficial procedure, but for people who get a self-esteem boost because of this, it’s a complete game changer. At the end, those patients don’t even care about price, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to go about the selection process carefully.

If you have any kind of questions or doubts about Cosmetic Dentistry, you can contact Dr. Serena Kurt through her webpage www.serenasandiegodentist.com or if you are a prominent Yelp user you can always ask her through there or call her office.

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