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Options to Get Rid of Your Gummy Smile

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We all have different types of smiles. Among them are gummy smiles. This smile can represent a distinctive feature for some and a problem for others.

When the gums show more when smiling than usual, it might be a major problem for affected people. This trait is not incompatible with good oral health, but the gummy smile can be easily corrected if desired.

What Is a Gummy Smile?

What Is a Gummy Smile?

 A gummy smile is when your smile displays more gum than usual. Although each person’s perspective may differ, it is generally accepted in society to have this type of smile. That’s why so many people don’t worry about changing it.

Smiling with a higher proportion of gum over the teeth line might be a very appealing feature for some people, but it can also be a challenge for others. 

Causes of a Gummy Smile

Causes of a Gummy Smile

There are various reasons why you may display a gummy smile. Professionals can locate the most appropriate aesthetic treatment by understanding why more gum shows when smiling.

The following are the most known common causes of a gummy smile:

  • The upper jaw has a longer length than the lower jaw.
  • An abnormal passive eruption on the teeth causes a gum portion to cover more of the dental crown’s surface.
  • Excessive eruptive growth of the upper incisors due to a lack of touch with the lower teeth.
  • When you smile, your upper lip is naturally shorter or rises higher.
  • Wear causes teeth to shorten over time, making them appear shorter.

Overeruption of the teeth and low dental position are the most typical reasons, both of which are easily corrected with orthodontics and, in some cases, a simple reconstructive surgery.

5 Solutions to Fix Your Gummy Smile

As previously stated, correcting a gummy grin entails an aesthetic procedure to achieve a more balanced smile. 

There are multiple options available, and which one you choose will depend on the source of your problem, whether it’s dental, skeletal, or muscular.

It will be considerably easier to treat if the grin is not impacted by any related pathology such as an open bite or also a sunken jaw.

  1. Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the simplest and most successful treatment for tooth overeruption. Although it takes a bit longer, it is gentler on the gums.

Simply repositioning the upper incisors properly would be enough to realign the gum, making it less visible when smiling.

  1. Orthognathic surgery

An operation known as orthognathic surgery can be performed when the reason for the gummy smile is an overly lengthy upper jaw.

The expert surgeon positions the bones of the face in an appropriate position, shifting the jawbone upwards to shorten the gums while the patient is under general anesthesia.

  1. Gingivectomy

The most common procedure to treat a gummy grin. It is an outpatient procedure that involves removing extra gum tissue from around the tooth under a local anesthetic.

The gum that covers the tooth’s crown is trimmed in a matter of minutes, exposing the tooth surface and extending the size of the tooth.

  1. BOTOX

BOTOX injections provide a fast, though temporary, correction for gummy smiles caused by hyperactive upper lifts by paralyzing the muscle responsible for lifting the upper lift too high while you smile. 

Although results only last three to four months on average and are only effective in correcting a gummy smile affecting the upper lip, BOTOX injections provide a fast, though temporary, correction for gummy smiles caused by hyperactive upper lifts by paralyzing the muscle responsible for lifting the upper lift

  1. Lip surgery

An oral or plastic surgeon can successfully cure a hyperactive or hypermobile lip by restricting the upper lip’s motion with permanent surgery.

Another surgical method can extend the lip if it is excessively short. Due to the movement of scar tissue and smiling, which might contradict the lengthening, it is more challenging than limiting the lip with surgery.

Learn More About Your Gummy Smile With a San Diego Dentist

If you want to fix your gummy grin or the underlying issues causing it, talk to your dentist or orthodontist about it. 

They’ll discuss treatment options with you and assess whether your problem is just cosmetic or if there’s an underlying issue, such as a hyperactive upper lip or an inappropriate bite, that may need treatment to reduce pain and get rid of your gummy smile. 

If you’re considering a treatment option, make sure to inquire about whether it’s a good fit for you or if there’s a reason why it might not be the greatest decision.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a medical concern for a gummy smile to be addressed. 

Crowns, veneers, and gingivectomies are less invasive procedures that will make your teeth appear more proportionate to your other teeth. 

Want to know more about your options? Contact Serena Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to get information and get the treatment you need.


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