Reasons why Sharing your Toothbrush is a Bad Idea

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Maybe you might be thinking that this cannot happen because it is not normal to use someone else’s toothbrush.

But you are going to be surprised after knowing that in fact, this is a common thing.

Apparently, leaving behind the “yuck” factor, there are a lot of reasons why sharing your toothbrush is a bad idea.

I mean, if we have siblings of our age is normal for us to use their clothes once in a while if we fit on them.

Because is fun and maybe they have some clothes that we don’t.

But sharing our toothbrush is not the same thing.


Talking about clothes is one thing but imagine sharing your toothbrush with your brother or sister. Can you believe?

Brushing your teeth is an integral part of your hygiene.

Your mouth keeps a lot of bacteria, germs and particles of food may from yesterday is you didn’t brush appropriately on if you don’t floss.

So, brushing your teeth is one of the most effective habits to eliminate plaque and bacteria.

Now, your mouth has already a bunch of bacteria that may cause tooth decay, cavities and gum diseases.

Brushing with a toothbrush that doesn’t belong to you only increase the possibilities of getting bacteria from other people.

“Your mouth is the gateway to your health,” Dr. Moldovan says once during an interview.

“Unfortunately, when you share a toothbrush you are opening that gateway to a lot of problems you’d be better off avoiding.”

The best thing you should do is no to share your toothbrush and use your own.

Also, if you are not so convinced you can take a look at these reasons that warn you about the effect of using someone else’s toothbrush.

It is Disgusting

For me, this is one of the most important reasons of all.

Personally, I believe that sharing your toothbrush is disgusting.

Last week I heard from a couple of patients that were having a chat in the reception of our dental office that one of them likes to share hers with her husband.

I didn’t believe it, how can share your toothbrush with your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend?

I mean, her point was that sharing her toothbrush with him is not that bad since they kiss every day and all.

I have to say that is not the same.

When you kiss a person is entirely a different thing that when you are letting she /he use it.

Just think about the fact that you can find small particles of food in your toothbrush and that those particles belong to someone else.

Now, no matter how much you love somebody, your health is essential, and you must take care of it.

So, the advice here doesn’t share your toothbrush, no matter how genuinely you love that special person.

Or if your friend stays at your home and she or he didn’t bring his/her toothbrush you can always go to the nearest grocery store and buy a new one.

My grandma always has a new one in her bathroom in case one of her grandsons or other relatives stay at her home, and they didn’t bring a toothbrush with them.

She encourages to use your own toothbrush every day, at least twice, no sharing, and also use the mouthwash and the floss.

Gum Diseases

Gum Disease

Well, this is pretty evident, you can get a gum disease from sharing your toothbrush.

But many people don’t realize it until the consequences arrive at their lives.

You can get a gum disease when you don’t have a good care of your teeth and mouth from your own bacteria and germs.

Now imagine the impact of having your own bacteria and also the bacteria from somebody else.

Remember that the gum disease comes from not having a proper care of our teeth and the risk increase when you use a toothbrush that doesn’t belong to you.

The gum disease is the inflammation of the tissue and in most cases can cause pain and lead to bleeding gums.

Also, take into account that if the person who the toothbrush belongs to have any virus, that virus can go into your bloodstream and seconds when you put that brush in your mouth.

It doesn’t matter if you wash it, the germs stay where they are.

Whatever bacteria is in the mouth of that person owner of that toothbrush you use, is going to your mouth too.

So, keep that in mind the next time you want to use your friend toothbrush just because you think is harmless or if you feel that everything is ok because you wash it before use it.

It doesn’t work that way.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease

As the gum disease, the periodontal can be risky for our health, not only for our mouth but also for the rest of our body.

The periodontal condition is even worse than the gum disease, I mean both are a bad but periodontal disease is a kind of evolution of the gum disease that has been ignoring it.

I talk about this disease once before, in most cases the periodontal disease doesn’t have a cure and probably you the risk of losing all your teeth.

If the gums of the other person bleeds can be for a lot of reasons and many people think that this is normal when you brush your teeth, but the truth is that your hair doesn’t bleed when you wash it, does it?

So, something is wrong when you brush your teeth, and your gums bleed.

Never share your toothbrush, especially if your gums bleed, this is a symptom that can lead to periodontal disease.

Bacteria from Other Person

What is the point of sharing bacteria from mouth to mouth?

I don’t get it. Why share your toothbrush?

But it happens, belief or not out there are people who think that borrow a toothbrush is the most normal thing ever.

It is not normal, and you need to pay attention to it by not sharing your toothbrush.

The bacterial plaque can put on risk our mouth health, especially our teeth.

This bacteria accumulates in our teeth due to the drinks and food we consume, and then this can damage the enamel of our teeth and lead to cavities and other problems.

I believe I have enough with my own bacteria don’t need the bacteria from other persons, so using my own toothbrush will be fine for me.

Also, we need to remember that this bacteria even stay in our brush, there is no way to get rid of it.

You must replace it every 3-4 months. Plus, you need to do it because the bristles get weak.

Viruses in your Toothbrus Can Spread

Besides the typical bacteria and regular gum diseases, there are other risks the can compromise your health.

I’m talking about herpes, HIV, and hepatitis.

Plus if the other person has a cold or the flu, you have high chances of getting it too.

A cold is a milder respiratory illness compared with herpes or some worse illness.

We already are exposed to this, why increase the chances by using a toothbrush that doesn’t belong to us?

The risk as you can see cannot be exclusive for your teeth, but also the rest of your body.

The best way to avoid all these problems is to use your own toothbrush.

But even replacing your old toothbrush because you never know what is hiding there and I can assure you that you don’t want to know.

In conclusion, I encourage you to use your toothbrush at least twice a day.

Don’t forget to floss and maybe use a good mouthwash.

For your own safety, never, ever borrow a toothbrush and never, ever share yours.


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