December 30, 2020

How Receding Gums Can Affect Your Teeth

Receding gums generally occurs when your gums have an irregular tendency of pulling back. In many cases, shrinking and exposing your teeth, including your roots, to harmful bacteria. Many people would like to have a picture-perfect smile and can indeed have one. But neglecting your flossing and brushing can reduce the chances of maintaining your teeth healthy.   Some of the most common symptoms are tooth sensitivity and irregular tooth sizes. Some teeth might appear larger than others due to the recession in the gum line.  Although it might be hard to believe, this condition is prevalent. […]
November 10, 2020
perfect dental travel kit

This Is the Perfect Dental Travel Kit You Should Take Everywhere

Practicing proper oral hygiene habits is an easy task to follow and will undoubtedly become a healthy guide in the long run. But what about when we aren’t home? Trying to follow adequate oral practices outside of our households can become quite a chore when not in possession of a perfect dental travel kit. Many would consider a quote on quote perfect dental travel kit to simply be a toothbrush and toothpaste. But there is much more to oral hygiene than a brush. When we are out and about, time may fly by, but we should […]
October 6, 2020
what is a sweet tooth?

What is a Sweet Tooth? Is a Sweet Tooth a Cavity?

Sugar can bring a lot of health problems, but what is a sweet tooth? You’ve probably heard someone mention to their “sweet tooth” as their reason for loving sweet treats. However, is there actually such a thing? While it is not a real tooth type, it turns out that your cravings for sugary meals might be more than just your favorites. Sugar craving is not a game: the brain can be “programmed” to devour sugar, and you can end up with something like withdrawal if you don’t consume enough. Sugar craving is a physiological phenomenon that […]
August 3, 2020

The Truth About Tooth Gems: Are They Safe or Dangerous?

Have you heard about tooth gems? Tooth gems are small jewels, applied to the tooth with an adhesive. They are quite popular and just temporary. Dentists don’t drill to place them, but permanent issues can appear if gems are not properly placed. People seek to have snow-white, aligned, shiny teeth, but some are taking the “teeth fashion” to a whole new level. Yes, we are talking about the controversial “tooth gems.” This method consists of adding tiny pieces of jewelry to your teeth. For many people, tooth gems represent a way to show their originality, a […]
June 22, 2020

Bad Eating Habits can Ruin your Teeth!

I know that having bad eating habits nowadays is common since almost everybody has busy lives. Having a job is undoubtedly a huge responsibility because we need to pay our bills and stuff. So we can’t skip working if we want to get cute stuff and a nice and warm bed where to sleep. But, it is undeniable that spending too much time sitting in traffic or trapped onto a busy train during rushing hours is stressing for a lot of us. And that’s is for the transportation, once you get work you will find tons […]
May 18, 2018

White Tongue: What are the Causes and How to Treat It

A white tongue is more common than you think. You can see it during the morning when you are about of brushing your teeth. You look up to your mirror, and there it is. White tongue can be there even if you brush your tongue and there are a few reasons why. Don’t be alarm; there are answers to this, and in most cases, it is a harmless condition. To start with the topic, I can begin by saying that white tongue refers to a white coating, like a layer that sometimes is covering all your […]