February 22, 2021

How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last? What You Should Know

Everyone deserves to have a smile they’re proud to show to the world. For some people, Porcelain Veneers are the way they can make it possible. They’re great for restoring teeth and give people beautiful, natural-looking results. If you happen to struggle with gaps, stains, cracks, or minor misalignment in your teeth, these custom-made shells are a great solution to consider among your options.  So, we’ll explain some details about it for you to have more info on this dental treatment. Like how long do Porcelain Veneers last and the things you can do to give […]
February 19, 2021

7 Common Reasons of Metallic Taste In Mouth

At least once your lifetime, you’ll encounter a metallic taste in mouth. But you haven’t eaten a sandwich filled with old rusty pennies, so what can be the reason for this strange symptom? A metallic taste in mouth is a relatively common oral issue that a good number of people struggle with. Dentists often believe this problem originates due to malnutrition, though the real cause is unknown. Today, your dentist in Clairemont will explore seven known causes that can make you develop a weird metallic taste. Stick around if you’d like to know possible ways to […]
January 23, 2021

Causes of Jaw Clenching and Tips to Relieve It

Jaw clenching is usually something we do without noticing it. We often do it at night when we are sleeping or when we are very focused on something. Although it is easy to go unnoticed, this condition should be treated to avoid future health issues. Some of the symptoms linked to jaw clenching are severe pain, inability to swallow food, struggle to open the mouth, and headaches in one side of the head or the temples only. If you start having any of these symptoms, try to implement practices in your life that’ll benefit you to […]
January 20, 2021

How To Floss With Braces; What You Should Know?

Jennifer is 18 years old and just got braces. For Annie, this is a whole new world. I mean, we all know the difficulties one must go through to get used to them in the first place. But most importantly, she needs to learn how to floss with braces as a part of her cleaning routine. Having braces is no excuse to stop flossing! It’s the actual opposite. She should do it even with more passion. If she learns how to floss correctly and keeps up with the routine, she’ll have amazing new healthy teeth once […]
January 15, 2021
San Diego Cosmetic Dentist

How Do You Know If You Have Bad Teeth? How to FIX it!

Bad teeth? We’ve all wondered at least once in our lives if our teeth are pretty or white enough. Often we find that our smile looks nothing like the ones we see in advertising and magazines. So, is there something wrong with our teeth because they’re not perfectly straight and bright white? Does that mean we have bad teeth? First and foremost, teeth are an essential fraction of our bodies, and they have a primary function, which is chewing food to keep us alive. You could say the esthetics that comes with it is a plus. […]
December 30, 2020

How Receding Gums Can Affect Your Teeth

Receding gums generally occurs when your gums have an irregular tendency of pulling back. In many cases, shrinking and exposing your teeth, including your roots, to harmful bacteria. Many people would like to have a picture-perfect smile and can indeed have one. But neglecting your flossing and brushing can reduce the chances of maintaining your teeth healthy.   Some of the most common symptoms are tooth sensitivity and irregular tooth sizes. Some teeth might appear larger than others due to the recession in the gum line.  Although it might be hard to believe, this condition is prevalent. […]