Taking Care of the Common Denture Problems


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Almost every day I hear the question of what is better, dentures or dental implants. You can hear a lot of good things about both.

Some people prefer dentures over dental implants, which means that they have to struggle with some common issues of this way of teeth replacement.

This procedure can be a good solution for missing teeth. Actually, today’s dentures are called false teeth. Are similar to those that your grandma or grandpa wore.

But they are more comfortable. Also, they look more natural than the regular type of denture.

But, you need to take proper care of them as well as the traditional denture, because still, if you don’t, problems can occur.

We take a look at the most common denture troubles and how can you treat or prevent some of them.

Who Needs Dentures?



When you don’t have a good routine of maintenance for your teeth. It is normal to be exposed to gum diseases and tooth decay.

So, if you don’t take care of your teeth, you have huge possibilities to start losing your teeth anytime soon as an adult.

Plus, if you don’t often go to the dentist, the problems just spread more into your mouth.

Many seniors who started losing their teeth at a certain age, don’t have insurance to pay for a proper teeth replacement treatment.

Typically, that it’s why most of them opt for dentures. Which are a removable replacement for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues, like the gums.

There are two kinds of dentures: the partial and the complete kind of dentures.

There are differences between both. While the partial type is used when to replace some natural teeth remain. The complete ones are to replace a whole upper or lower arch of teeth.

So, there are people who opt for partial dentures when they lost one or two teeth, and they aren’t old, by the way.

Maybe adults and senior are the best candidates for dentures. Of course that personally I prefer dental implants. If you keep reading, I’m going to tell you the reason.

Common Problems


Well, as I said before, there are a couple of things you need to take into account before getting a denture. First of all, there are some issues with them, and that is why I prefer implants.

Maybe you think that a procedure like All-On-Four it’s too expensive, but have in mind that it’s an investment that is going to last for decades or even lifetime.

With dentures, you probably will have a lot of issues. One of them is the gum and mouth irritation. Also, you can have problems to eat and speak with your dentures.

Over the time, the bones of your mouth and tissues like your gums will change. Once this happens your dentures won’t fit into your mouth anymore.

Your dentures will need to be adjusted once you realize that they don’t fit anymore. This adjustment or modification needs to be done by your dentist. You can’t do it by yourself, so don’t try to adjust them.

Another thing to have in mind, it’s that dentures can move while you are talking. You need to speak slowly to avoid dentures to come out of your mouth.

I don’t have to say that it can be awkward if your dentures fall while you are talking, which it’s something that could happen if you use this alternative.

Plus, you must store them in a safe place when you remove them from your mouth. Especially if you have pets or children, you need to store your false teeth away from them.

Also, remember to soak them during the night, they can lose their shape if you allow them to dry.

So, if you opt for denture for the replacement of missing teeth, you need to take into account these and other regular problems.

How to Avoid Some Problems


Well, avoid some problems related to dentures can be a challenge. First of all, you need to soak your dentures at night.

With this, you can prevent premature misshaping. You should take them to an annual examination to avoid gum diseases or oral cancer.

With these visits to your dentist, having regular hygiene check-ups, we prevent a lot of issues.

Remove your teeth at night can turn into a challenge due to the things you must do before soaking them in water. You need to brush them and clean them very well.

One of the most popular advantages of dental implants is that you don’t need to take them out at night. So, you can speak slowly, and it may be hard at first for you to say some words.

But you need to be patient and practice telling the challenging words loudly and talk slowly.

I know these complete or partial dentures move around sometimes when you laugh or even when you smile.

So, the advice here is that you can talk slowly and when it comes to eating, do it with gently bites. Also, you can have soft foods, and if you still have trouble eating, here you have some tips:

  • Eat small bites of soft foods, like eggs, soft fruits and yogurt.
  • You must say goodbye to any sticky food.
  • Chew your food slowly.
  • Don’t eat anything hard.
  • When you chew, do it with both sides of your mouth at the same time.

After a while, you will be able to enjoy more your meals. And eating will become easier, and you only need you get used to your dentures.

In time, you probably should be able to vary and eat most foods.

If you are feeling strange with your dentures or have more questions about them, you can always set an appointment with your dentist.

Dentures or Implants?


As I was saying, the final decision it’s yours to make. But personally, I prefer dental implants. You don’t need to take them out and soak in water every night. You can treat them like natural teeth. Brush and floss them at least twice a day.

It is true that they can cost a little bit more, but you are going to be comfortable, and you can’t put a price on that.

Maybe you think that it is an invasive procedure since implants are set by a surgical process and are inserted into the bone. But this is minimally invasive.

Dental Implants are not just a perfect cosmetic solution to missing teeth. But also they help you on your day to day activities.

You will once again be able to eat and talk as like you used to, without the fear of their dentures falling out of your mouth.

  • Improved appearance
  • Durable and stable
  • Easier eating
  • Improved comfort
  • Last a lifetime
  • Chewing & talking are made easy

You can take into account these pieces of advice and I hope they help you in your final resolution.



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