Tips to Help Children Overcome their Fear to a Dentist

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Children are afraid of a dentist.  I remember that when I was little, I was too scared of it too.

But I can recall that I wasn’t really sure of what I was afraid of.

At first, it was because I believed that the experience was going to be painful. But I didn’t even know what to expect though.

It is natural to be afraid of the unknown; as adults, we can be scared too.

Actually, many adults I know are still afraid of the dentist.

But that is ok, not all of us can overcome our fears.

Sometimes it is anxiety or some other times it is just something we can’t help.

When we were children, we had a fear of the dark, to the monster under the bed, we even had a fear of a rainy night.

We probably aren’t afraid anymore of things like the dark or a monster.

But perhaps we still have a fear of the dentist. Maybe because as children we never got tips to overcome this fear.

Maybe the reason is that we never had the chance to see this as a common thing.

Today I have a few things to help your kid, your little sister, or your nephew to forget about the fear of going to a dentist.

Take into account that little children see the visit to a dentist as something unfamiliar or something that is going to hurt them.

So, try to identify the specific reason why the kid is scared so you can come up with the best idea of how to proceed.

Either way, all these tips will serve as support; you can help little children around you!

Be Careful with the Words when Children are around You


First thing first: watch what you say in front of little kids.

Meaning is that please never use words like “hurt,” “pain,” “shot.”

These kinds of words will entirely scare any small boy or girl.

Before the appointment, you can try to explain the situation with different words.

But the best idea will be to let the dentist propose his own vocabulary to describe what is about to happen.

Dentists can deal better with this situation to help children get through the experience.

Some doctors use phrases like “looking for the bad sugar bugs” to calm small kids.

After phrases like this one, they explain that they are going to remove these little bugs or “clean up” the zone.

Other dentists begin by explaining the names of teeth and stuff related to the mouth keeping it fun and entertaining.

Plus, you can use words like “healthy, strong, clean teeth” or look up for videos of cartoons going to a dentist.

If you are looking for cartoons going to a dentist, just be sure that the character in the animation is having a good time with it.

Don’t Wait too Much!

Starting dental visits while children are still little will be better.

The earlier a kid start his visits with the dentist, the better.

I’m not suggesting to take him or her as soon as their baby teeth begin to erupt.

I know that sometimes it is tough for a kid to be steady for a while; even if it is just for five minutes.

Although, some parents prefer to take their children at age 1 and some others do it when they see the first tooth coming out.

You can always play a pretend visit prior to the real one.

Talk to the dentist to arrange a tour where the kid can see the office.

Try not to enlist dental instruments or to make drill sounds.

The dentist can see her or his teeth with the mirror or show children how to count their teeth.

The dentist can teach how to brush and floss too.

This visit is essential; if you opt for a visit before the real appointment try to succeed.

The very first impression in the kids’ mind counts a lot.

Be a Great Role Model

Going to a dentist is a great example for children to start taking care of their teeth.

However, this practice needs to begin at home.

Meaning is that you must teach your children that it is super important to brush their teeth after every meal or at least twice a day.

Plus, they can learn how to floss as they are kids! If you think that this is going to be a difficult task just keep it simple.

For instance, you can keep a kid interested in brushing if you get him a toothbrush with his favorite cartoon on it.

Plus, right now you can also get a cute toothpaste container with the face of Sponge Bob Square Pants on it too.

Establish a calendar or clock to show your kid when to brush.

How to brush teeth will totally depend on you, so try to be a great role model by cleaning your own teeth in front of children.

Adults are always a role to play for children.

Don’t Give Candies as a Prize for Good Behavior

Many parents in their despair promise their children a candy if they behave.

But this is a wrong idea for two reasons: the kid will believe that something is wrong as an adult promises something for good behavior.

And two, giving sugar after dentist will send the wrong message to children since they need to reduce the intake of candies to protect their teeth.

A kid will probably cry at the dentist anyway since most of the kids don’t want to spend some time in the dentist’s chair.

But please, please don’t promise candies or chocolates as a prize.

Kids are learning how to take care of teeth and giving them a sugary treat will send the wrong message.

Praise children proper behavior and bravery because going to the dentist is something necessary.

I hope these tips helped you a lot and if you have some more tips to add, please share!

Thank you for Sharing

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