Why Are My Teeth too Sensitive?

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Have you felt tooth pain all of the sudden? Maybe you had and wondered the reasons. Don’t be alarm.

There are plenty of reasons why our teeth may hurt.

I don’t have the specific answer because I probably don’t have enough data, but I’m going to give you a general idea.

First of all, you need to identify if a tooth is hurting or if all your teeth are hurting at the same time, which almost never happen, but it does.

When you identify this, we can search easier to find answers. Well, I know is uncomfortable with us having a tooth hurting.

You are chilling having an ice cream, and out of the blue, you start to feel pain.

You can contact your nerves writhing and how the pain spread.

I tell you, the tooth pain is the worse, you are trying to have your hot tea or coffee and all of the sudden, and your tooth is in pain.

Well, there are some people that think this happens for no reason and they do nothing about a toothache.

I don’t know how they can hold the pain; I feel something is wrong and immediately set an appointment with my dentist.

Holding the pain is not the answer because eventually is not the final solution.

Actually, if you let the time go on and on, you probably are going to have a worse problem to handle.

It is not like the pain is going anywhere, if you have tooth pain is for some reason.

It doesn’t happen just because you tea was too hot or your soda was too cold.

So, keep that in mind the next time you want to ignore a tooth pain and hold it.

Can a Cavity be the cause of my Tooth Pain?

tooth Pain



The most common cause of a tooth pain or sensibility is cavities. If you have a cavity, the whole process will be easy and quick. Don’t be afraid.

When you feel this pain due to a hot or cold meal or beverage, is probably a cavity.

Cavities are what we get from tooth decay, which is why dentist and our parents, encourage us to have an excellent oral health.

We know that we need to have good oral habits just to prevent this thing.

But sometimes we don’t put the attention that we must to this words.

So, if you think you can get cavities because you are an adult, you are super wrong.

I don’t know how people can relate cavities with children only.

Perhaps you have met someone with this idea, I know it is uncommon, but you will be a surprise to the number of people thinking like this.

However, you need to get informed.

Cavities are not for children it can happen to adults too and as we age, it turns into a worse matter.

Plus, if you are an adult who likes to chew tobacco or too many candies you can improve the dental decay.

What is a Root Canal?

Maybe this is the worst scenario for a tooth pain. I told you about cavities, right?

Well, if you ignore the cavity things only can get worst.

Cavities are like an infection if you don’t control it can spread its limits to the rest of your tooth an even your pulp.

That can be the leading cause of the tooth pain, and at this point, perhaps you won’t be able to ignore this kind of pain.

When you go visit your dentist, and I’m sure you will because of this tooth pain have tremendous possibilities that you may need a root canal to save your tooth.

A root canal treatment is one of the scariest procedures in the dental procedure.

I don’t know why I can assure you that it doesn’t feel like going to Disneyland but it doesn’t hurt that much.

Plus, they use anesthesia after work on your tooth pain.

This procedure is often used it to relieve this dental pain and save your tooth.

Take into account that if you refuse to do it, probably the next stage of your tooth pain will be the extraction of your tooth.

I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to lose a tooth, is more expensive than the root canal because with an extraction you cannot just leave this hole.

So, the dentist will recommend a bridge or an implant to fill the space.

During this procedure, an endodontist will carefully remove your infected pulp inside the tooth.

This will be under anesthesia, so don’t worry you are going to feel nothing when the specialist performs the treatment.

After the removal of the infected pulp, the endodontist disinfects the area and then fills it up with a special material.

It won’t be necessary to spend days out the work; you don’t need bed rest or something.

Can toothpaste cause me the Sensibility?

As I was saying before I don’t have enough data, but what is the truth is that some kinds of toothpaste may cause some sensibility in our teeth.

Tooth pain may come from whitening toothpaste and also can come from brushing your teeth so hard.

If you brush them with too much force, you can hurt your gums too and cause a gum disease.

Well, as you can see not only cavities can get you a tooth pain or sensibility, if you are using too much whitening toothpaste and begin to feel teeth sensitivity, maybe it’s time to change your toothpaste.

Some toothpaste increases the sensibility because they fight against tartar or over the stain in our teeth, which is fine.

So, using this types of toothpaste it is not wrong at all, some of them even work to prevent cavities.

But if your teeth are sensitive due to toothpaste, perhaps the easy way to relieve the tooth pain if stop using it.

Can acid Food make my Teeth Sensitive?

This may sound weird, but it happens, the acid may cause the tooth pain and sensibility in the food.

When tooth enamel weakens in this way, demineralization has started to occur, leaving your teeth’s dentin exposed and prone to sensitivity.

Some people don’t know about it, but it is a fact indeed.

Also, acid food can lead to tooth decay due to the demineralization of the teeth. And yes, you can have tooth pain as a result.

But how can you know that acid in food is causing you the tooth pain or sensibility?

Well, as I was telling you it is a fact.

You can set an appointment with your dentist just to make sure that the acid in your food is blamable.

Probably you are wondering what type of food contains this acid that weakens your enamel teeth.

Well, it can be the coffee, the pickles, tomatoes, cranberries, alcohol, and kiwis, among other kinds of food as the lemons, oranges, and limes.

I cannot quit to coffee and probably neither oranges, so, I can come out with the idea that helps me to protect my teeth, but involves quitting to my cup of coffee and some other foods I love.


As I always do, the main bits of advice to prevent tooth pain and sensibility in our teeth is going to see your dentist.

Because is the only person who can help us during this process.

Remember avoid the intake of medications without the supervision of professionals.

Do not hold the tooth pain, it is happening is due to reason, and you need to pay attention to it.

Brush your teeth every day to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

The most important thing is having a good oral care, is the best prevention and remember to go visit your dentist at least twice a year.


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