Our mission here at Serena Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has always been to give our patients, the maximum level of quality possible. We take care of each and every one of their dental needs. At our Clairemont Dentist facilities and thanks to our cutting-edge Sirona® German technology, and advanced dental training, our patients can certainly rest assured when knowing that they are always getting the best, most beautiful version of their smiles. With our innovative dental equipment, we can guarantee every patient’s visit to be the most time and cost effective one possible. We care for our client’s well being. We always pay particular attention to their concerns and needs. This is how we provide pleasant and comfortable experiences.

At our Clairemont Dentist offices, Dr. Serena Kurt and her staff value their patients’ oral health as a priority and always excel at offering the best experience in their dental health care! 


We give high-class services to provide beautiful smiles for our patients, always looking to go over their hopes and expectations on every visit.

Become the best dental care clinic option within the San Diego community.

Use top-notch CEREC® technology for time and cost-efficient visits.


Excellence. Our exceptional services and  the top-notch technology available we work with,  are meant to be a guarantee of a successful dental experience every time.

Integrity. We have been a part of the professional dental care field for a considerable amount of   time, and we have always treated all of our patients with nothing but the respect they expect and deserve.

Professionalism. Dr. Serena Kurt is much more than just a qualified professional of dentistry. She has been a Sirona® and VITA Speaker throughout most of her career as a dental care expert.

Caring. Dr. Kurt deeply cares about making their patients feel always at ease and comfortable during their time on the dental chair.

Innovation. We work only with  the highest quality  materials available, combined with the latest state-of-the art Sirona ® German technology.