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In our dental office, we accept most PPO dental insurance plans.

We will be more than happy to submit all insurance forms for you and help you recover the most from your dental needs.

If you have insurance, we will happy to assist you in checking your coverage and eligibility so we can properly inform you on the types of procedures you are covered by your insurance plan.

Please be aware that you are responsible for whatever portion your dental insurance does not pay.

Your monthly statement will reflect the total amount due and you are required to pay the balance within 90 days.

Please contact us with any dental insurance questions you may have and to verify coverage.

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Selecting the Right Dental Insurance Plan for You

A PPO dental insurance is generally a good option if you want more control over your choices and don’t mind paying more for that ability.

It would be especially helpful if you travel a lot since you would not need to see a primary care physician.

The key to finding the right plan for you is to strike a balance between the coverage you want and the premium you can afford.

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FAQ About Your PPO Dental Insurance

Before making an appointment, you must first consult with your insurance company and make sure you have a PPO plan.

Otherwise, the procedure might not be covered.

Also, DO NOT FORGET to bring your insurance card with you when you come to visit our clinic.

Remember if you have any questions, please contact us.

These are the most popular options for PPO insurance that cover your dental treatment in our dental office.

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What Information Should I Provide When I Arrive at the Office?

Please provide your insurance information at the front desk, so we can properly process your insurance claim.

During which our friendly staff will process your coverage and eligibility with your current insurance provider and either call back to provide your benefits, or we can inform you directly at the office.

How Long Will it Take to Check Your Insurance?

It usually takes a couple of days for our staff to check your eligibility and benefits.

At that time we will call you to talk about your dental insurance in greater detail before your scheduled appointment.

If you don’t have PPO Insurance, Care Credit lets you begin your dental treatment immediately then pay for it over time with low monthly payments

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