Overall Health: The Way Your Teeth and Posture Can Harm It

Most likely, all of us have had issues when it comes to bad posture. And we tend to notice it until it is too hard to correct it. But what contributes to this issue? can our teeth and posture actually cause ourselves to slouch?

Slouching is a tendency that most people have at some point in their lives. But it transforms into something so natural for us that we do not even notice it, whether we are at work, school, or anywhere else.

Believe it or not, bad posture can be a negative factor for your oral health. The alignment of your back can directly affect your teeth and posture in various ways.

A correct posture might seem very simple, but in reality, you need support from other areas of the body, like:

  •  Head
  •  Neck
  •  Vertebral column
  •  Pelvis
  •  Abdomen
  •  Thighs
  •  Feet

You could say it is teamwork. All of these areas play an important part in your posture. And, remember that we can have an incorrect posture not only while sitting but standing as well. 

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 When your head starts to tilt forward, the incorrect back alignment starts to form. The sensation of stress and tension is due to the alteration of the Natural Center of Gravity. What happens is that you begin to put weight over your muscles incorrectly, which causes it.

Some of the muscles you put weight on are the neck, shoulders, lower back, and waist. Several studies have proved that there is a direct connection between your head and posture. Researchers investigated our ancestor’s oral health and were able to recollect valuable information on the subject.

They found out that the jaw and back alignment we have in the present is connected. This means that one affects the other. Because of this, our teeth and bite can cause pain in places like the jaw or neck.

Our teeth help stabilize your head posture. So, if it is in the wrong position, then your bite will

end up taking all the potential damage, which includes our jaw’s joints causing dysfunction and

affecting our entire head and neck alignment.

 Common Mistakes That Affect Your Teeth And Posture

teeth and posture
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Most often than not, we do not realize that we have bad posture. Our back gets used to being in the same position every day, so it is not a surprise. We only notice it when someone takes a picture of us, and then we are left horrified.

These are some of the common habits that can lead to an incorrect posture:

  • If you hold your cellphone or telephone between your shoulders and ears instead for long periods. This causes strain on the muscles of your neck, shoulders, and upper back. This position can potentially damage body tissues. So, try to avoid it if you can or choose headsets as an alternative. 
  • Positioning your shoulders in a curved position. Most people are used to it, but it can directly affect your teeth and posture in different ways. 
  •  Bending your back while sitting for a long time. Something very common in many people. And even more for those who have a job that requires explicitly to be sitting in front of a computer, for example.
  •  When you use a mobile device for a long time (which nowadays is just inevitable), you could be developing a text neck. It causes pain in the neck, headaches, rounded shoulders, or reduced mobility. 
  • Other forms of improper posture include hyperlordosis. This is when the inward curve of the spine on the lower back is way too exaggerated. 

These incorrect posture habits will eventually bring further issues, making your daily life a bit of a struggle. So make sure you do the most to reverse incorrect posture.

Helpful Exercises That’ll Help Correct Your Teeth and Posture

Trying to correct your posture can be a little uncomfortable at first because your back is used to being in a position every day. But all you have to do is keep going and set goals for yourself, be sure it is possible to rectify your posture.

Some specific exercises can not completely eliminate these problems or conditions. Instead, they can alleviate some symptoms caused by lousy posture. The following can be beneficial for this if you repeat them often:

  • Neck rotations: rotate your head from side to side. Softly, keep making this motion without turning your head completely to the sides. Repeat ten times.
  • Neck stretches: lower your right ear over one shoulder and repeat the same action over on the other shoulder. Try to repeat several times.
  • Planks: lie down on and place your forearms on the ground right below your shoulders. Your feet should be hip-width apart. And make sure your back is flat, make an up and down motion and repeat a few times.
  • Bridges: lie down on your back and gently raise your hips while your arms and feet provide support to create a straight line from your neck to your knees. Stay in that position for a few seconds and repeat.
  • Pullups: you can start by hanging into a pullup bar or a sturdy pole/tube. With your hands facing away from your body, try to pull yourself up until you get your chin above the bar. 
  • Side-lying leg raises: lie down on your right side. Lift one leg into the air with an up and down motion. Giving support to the upper part of your body with your arms straight on the floor.
  • Hip flexor: stand straight, then step one leg forward, trying to maintain your back aligned with your neck and head. Stretch and repeat the same motion with your other leg. This will help you exercise your lower back.
  • Sit-ups: lay down on your back, then try to lift your back upward until you are facing your knees, slowly lie back down and repeat ten times.

These exercises will help promote good posture on your back and other parts of your body. Being active as much as you on a daily basis is merely great for maintaining your overall health. But how can you find out if your bad posture is actually affecting your teeth in some type of way? 

If you notice that you do experience pretty often a pain in the jaw, headaches from time to time, or neck pain, dental specialists would recommend contacting your Clairemont dentist. Fortunately, an incorrect posture that can affect your teeth is an issue that can still be resolved. Little by little, and with a strong commitment to rectifying it, it is still possible to prevent other conditions that can be associated with the displacement of the teeth and lower jaw.

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