How to Use Dental Floss: Types, Colors, Materials, and Flavors

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How to Use Dental Floss: Types, Colors, Materials, and Flavors
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Between the dentist’s recommendation, we can find a flossing dental tool we should use daily to remove food and bacteria accumulating in between our teeth.

Floss, which they make out of plastic or nylon, is a thin thread that we place between our teeth and slowly stroke to clean the gaps that toothbrushes usually miss.

As we draw on the thread, it should remove food and debris.

Plaque wears off when flossing regularly.

Elements of proper flossing teeth techniques

  • Before starting, wash your hands as you will be putting your fingers into your mouth.
  • Use enough floss, break off a piece that is about 18 inches long. Wrap most of the floss around either tooth–the middle of the index finger of one hand and a small amount on the other side. A simple tip, if you use the middle finger, it will leave your index finger free to manipulate the floss correctly.
  • Keep about two inches of length of floss between fingers and use your index finger to guide the floss between every tooth to maintain proper hygiene.
  • Lightly slide the floss between the teeth in a spiral motion. Floss each tooth with a section of floss. Never use one strand for your entire mouth as this may move plaque from one side to the other, leaving a lot of plaque behind.
  • Create a C shape with the floss as you wrap it around your teeth. Make sure you are careful when pulling the floss up from the bottom to the top of the tooth as you may hurt yourself.
  • When you finish cleaning one tooth, you will move to the next one. Roll out a new section of floss from the finger of one hand while rolling the used floss onto the other.
  • Floss the backside of each tooth as well. Many forget that bacteria can, in fact, buildup overtime behind their teeth.

You can apply these techniques to any floss, make sure you do not forget to floss all the sides of your teeth and any spaces between them, remember food can become trapped in any area.

Dental floss comes in different colors, materials, and even flavors

If you are not familiar with dental flosses, it is easy to assume that there is only one type, but that is not true. 

There are several types of dental floss which include:

• Waxed and unwaxed floss 

• Teflon floss

• Thread floss

• Flavored and unflavored floss

• Tape floss (also known as dental tape) 

Thread, Teflon, and waxed or unwaxed floss is thin, whereas dental tape is thicker. 

All these have the same thing in common: they are soft, flexible, and easy to use.

Waxed and unwaxed floss 

There may be some dentists that will recommend unwaxed floss as the threads tend to absorb food particles better than the waxed versions.

Some other people find that waxed floss is smoother and moves more easily between the teeth than unwaxed floss. 

In this case, you will have to follow your dentist’s recommendation and try to find one that fits you.

Teflon floss 

This type of floss works quickly and effectively.

It is made up of Teflon, which means that it will not stick in between your teeth.

But in case it does, it can be removed very quickly, which offers practical usage.

Thread floss 

This is made up of nylon and works in the same way as any other type of floss.

Flavored and unflavored floss 

A flavored type of floss, like mint or cinnamon, is more pleasant to use and leaves a sweet and clean taste in your mouth. 

There is also a type of floss that they cover with fluoride, which may protect against tooth decay

The unflavored type of floss is, as mentioned in the name, no flavor, but the same effect. 

Tape floss or dental tape

Many people prefer tape floss because many people may have ample space between their teeth, which is usually thicker than the conventional kind of floss.

Flossing aids 

Creating flossing aids help people who find flossing awkward or difficult.

Several types of subsidies that make this activity more natural. 

These include:

• Various vibrating dental flossers 

• Dental floss holders

• Flossing sticks

Vibrating dental flosser 

A vibrating flosser is simple to use and has additional benefits for your gums at the same time.

But they are more expensive than a regular flosser. 

Dental floss holder 

A floss holder is available in a letter y shape and is effective at helping to clean between the teeth. 

The floss attaches to the holder and is the same process as when you do it with your hand. 

These can be found very useful for people with dental implants, a bridge, orthodontic braces, or crowns. 

Flossing stick 

This mirror a common or garden stick and are most effective when the floss is wound tightly onto them.

You might find it awkward or disgusting to put your fingers inside your mouth to floss your teeth. 

This procedure is recommended by the professionals to obtain better hygiene in your mouth. 

As suggested before, you need to ask your dentist to see what the best product can fit you.

As you can see, there will be different products, and you will need professional help to decide.

Remember, it is always important to visit your dentist regularly for a checkup and to avoid any complications on your teeth. 

Brush and Floss!

As your dentist in Clairemont is our duty to tell you that you need to brush and floss daily.

Not only because we are your dentist, but because it is very important for your overall health.

Please keep in mind that you must take care of your teeth, especially if you want to keep them!



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