The Best Halloween Candy From a Dentist’s Point of View

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The Best Halloween Candy From a Dentist’s Point of View
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If we’re talking about which Halloween candy is best, I’ll just start by saying that any candy is bad. I know, I know. But still, a little fun has never hurt nobody, and Halloween is all about fun.

So put on your best costume, and let’s get you ready for this spooky season in the best way. 

 What Halloween Candy Should You avoid?

Pretty much every single candy out there has the potential to harm your oral health. But some can do it to more extent.

However, it is your responsibility to protect your teeth as much as possible and make smart decisions that won’t haunt you later.

Sticky, chewy, and hard candies usually put your teeth at a higher risk of developing plaque because they can get stuck in between your teeth and stay there for a fair amount of time.

Very hard candy can also be a pain for your tooth enamel and your jaw, especially if you suffer from TMJ. 

So what are good examples of these harmful halloween candies? Here is a list:

1) Skittles 

I’m not going to lie. It’s one of my favorites. According to some sources, they have a delicious fruity taste, but they’re also one of the worst candy options out there. 

2) Airheads

Too chewy, hard to remove, and high in sugar, next!

3) Starburst

This type of chewy candy can stay in your teeth for a long time and can also be pretty hard to clean.

4) Sour Patch

Sweet and sour might be delicious, but they’re awful for your teeth. They create a super acidic environment in your mouth. Better to avoid!

5) Jolly Rancher chews

These are high in sugar, and chewing them can very much chip or break your teeth if you’re not careful.

6) Sweet Tarts 

They wear away your enamel and are high in sugar, making them the ideal recipe for tooth decay.

7) Jolly Rancher Hard Candy

These are probably some of the toughest candies available. Nobody likes to spend the day after Halloween at the dentist’s office for a broken tooth.

8) Candy Corn 

Classic does not always mean it’s the best. There are no extra additives in candy corn that will help you get the sugar out of your tongue because it is practically pure sugar! This prolongs the time it spends on your teeth, allowing bacteria to thrive.

9) Life Savers

Lifesavers also last a long time in the mouth, which is like soaking your teeth in a dangerous sugar bath! 

What Is The Best Halloween Candy? 


According to the American Dental Association, chocolate is your best bet. It is not that bad, is it? It’s o one of the most popular and preferred Halloween treats. 

Chocolate is better because it washes off your teeth more easily easier than other candy. Dark chocolate, especially, contains even less sugar than milk chocolate, so it’s should also be included in your list of Halloween candy this year.

Candy with nuts

Cavities are more prone to form when sugar sticks to your teeth. Nuts in candy help to break up the stickiness, reducing the chances of cavities forming. 

The crunch of the nuts may also aid in the removal of plaque from your teeth. Nuts also contain protein and fiber, both of which are beneficial to your general health. 

Consider adding nuts to your sweet treat to help keep the sugar from clinging to your teeth.

Sugar-free candy

Remember, the main enemy for your teeth is sugar. Sugar encourages the growth of bacteria in the mouth. So make sure to try out some sugar-free candy because it will be the best one for your teeth.

Sugar-free hard candies promote saliva production, which is good for dental health since it cleans the mouth of bacteria and plaque that cause tooth decay. 

Tips to Keep Your Teeth Extra Safe When Trick or Treating

These are some more tips that could help you keep 

Pick the right time to enjoy your candy

Halloween candy (and other sugary foods) should be consumed with meals or immediately after. During meals, saliva production increases. This helps to wash out food particles and neutralize acids created by bacteria in your mouth.

Drink lots of water

Fluoridated water can aid in the prevention of tooth decay. If you choose bottled water, search for fluoridated varieties.

Avoid sugary beverages.

Soda, sports drinks, and flavored waters all fall into this category. Tooth decay is more likely when teeth come into touch with sugary beverages regularly.

Brush and floss!

Don’t forget to clean your teeth! Brush and floss very well to keep the horrors of plaque and bacteria away!

Have a safe and happy Halloween with these tips, and protect your smile while having the best spooky time!

Dr. Serena Kurt is a dentist in Clairemont, San Diego, who has years of experience and is not scared of caries. If you have any dental problems now or after trick or treating, give us a call.

We’ll take good care of your teeth!



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