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Yellow Teeth: How can the look of your Teeth Affect your Life?

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Yellow teeth can affect our self-confidence.  I know it because it happened to me and when it comes to my teeth, yellow is not the color I’ll like to have.

I was feeling super embarrassed about my smile due to the color of my teeth.

And even when my friends kept telling me that people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I realized that actually, they do.

Meaning is that the reality of this matter is that other people tend to criticize you jumping up to conclusions without even knowing you.

So nowadays is normal to listen to other people judging around and assuming based on superficial aspects.

For example, people seem to be a lot interested in the physical appearance of other people.

I believe that when something is affecting our self-confidence, different areas of life can be affected too.

For instance, we can think that the way our teeth look is holding us back from achieving professional, social, and even romantic matters.

The thing here is that other people can jump to conclusions getting wrong ideas of us.

Yellow teeth can send non-verbal cues to the people around us. Sometimes our teeth can say a lot about ourselves, and that can affect our lives.

Professionals Opportunities

Well, this an interesting point since every day more and more careers may involve more digital communication than face to face relations.

But even so, most of them are still requiring face to face meetings.

Plus, during an interview process to get a new job, the personal interaction is needed it.

Even when I brush my teeth and floss every single day, my teeth got a yellow color because I am a coffee lover.

I present that smile that was less than pearly white. The thing was that I don’t realize that I was sending subconscious signals to my would-be boss.

At that moment I wasn’t aware of the way he was going to take it.

But as a matter of fact, my new potential boss could think that I was going to take my work as seriously as I take my dental care.

The thing is that I am cautious with my dental hygiene! Are you following me?

Because of my yellow teeth, I was going to have issues getting a new job.

At least that is what I thought. That is the way the world works.

Fortunately, my new boss did not care much about how my teeth looked, but about my abilities and skills.

But I assure you that many people can take this as a starting point to know if they hire us or not.

Even if it was not like that, I felt very uncomfortable about the way my teeth looked.

The Romantic Prospects!

When I told one of my friends that way I felt about my teeth, she told me her story too!

She met a guy through the internet in a blind date set up.

She is beautiful by the way, but she needed an orthodontic treatment because of her crooked teeth.

Some people can see yellow teeth as a negative thing to take into account when they are going to go out with someone.

As a matter of fact, the first thing other people see when first meet you is your smile.

And yes, of course, that there are people that are going to take bad teeth as a pint of reference to date or no someone.


self confidence

Forget what other people say about your teeth. Let’s start with how you feel about it.

I’ll start with my own experience because it was the way I felt about it. To me having yellow teeth was harsh, and I always was embarrassed about it.

I used to cover my mouth while laughing, talking in public, and when some friend was going to take a picture, I never smiled.

I felt insecure due to the color of my teeth, and I was uncomfortable. I almost never thought about the way other people saw me because of my teeth.

I was paying more attention to the things I thought about myself.

Habits that Can Cause Yellow Teeth and How to Fix it!

Food: There is a huge list of foods that can cause you yellow teeth. Curry spices, tomatoes sauce, and berries are just a few examples. The best way to prevent yellow teeth is by watching what you are eating.

Drinks: As it happens with foods, dark-colored beverages can increase the darker color in your smile too. So, limit the intake of red wine, dark tea, and coffee will help a lot to reduce that yellow look.

Smoking: This is pretty obvious, but I’ll mention it anyway. You will need to stop smoking if you are a smoker. Cigarettes affect the way your teeth look but also are a tread to your overall health!

Go to your Dentist: To get a whiter color in your teeth, it will be necessary to visit your dentist. Sometimes teeth are too discolored that only with professional help you will get rid of it. Remember that even if you try some home remedies, going to a dental professional will always be the best idea. So, set an appointment with your dentist as I did and get a professional teeth whitening!

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening San Diego

Teeth whitening is one of the most famous cosmetic treatments in dentistry.

When it comes to getting rid of brown or yellow stains in teeth, these professional solutions will help you a lot to accomplish it.

It’s painless, quick, and affordable and you can do it at least once a year to improve the way your teeth look!


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