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I know that having bad eating habits nowadays is common since almost everybody has busy lives.

Having a job is undoubtedly a huge responsibility because we need to pay our bills and stuff.

So we can’t skip working if we want to get cute stuff and a nice and warm bed where to sleep.

But, it is undeniable that spending too much time sitting in traffic or trapped onto a busy train during rushing hours is stressing for a lot of us.

And that’s is for the transportation, once you get work you will find tons of pending work to do.

So, most of us spend most of the time trying to pull out the whole mountain of awaiting things to do before the clock strikes 5 p.m.

Understanding that our lives can be busy, it is normal that it can be challenging to maintain good oral health when we have that kind of lifestyle.

So, we can develop some eating habits that may result unhealthy for our body and also for our teeth.

To establish a different type of diet, we need to really focus on it.

Putting an end to it can be simple if we set enough effort and discipline.

So, today I’m going to give you guys a few tips for keeping healthy eating habits at work.

Are you Drinking Enough Water a Day?

Since I have memory people around me didn’t stop telling me to drink enough water every day.

So, drinking water as a way to maintain proper oral health can sound easy.

But, it really takes a lot of troubles to some people even if water can do wonders for teeth. Water has not sugared, it is not acidic and has no calories.

Drink water instead of a soda, and you will start to see differences, especially in your body.

Enough water can help you to lose extra weight giving a super summer body that will match with a nice white smile!

So, concerning oral health, drinking this vital liquid will not raise the risk of getting cavities, gum diseases or enamel erosion.

Plus, it can also help to keep you hydrated during the summer, can tackle the morning breath, protects the enamel and improves the production of saliva.

Almost every working environment provides free water, mainly if you work at an office.

The bottom line is that it won’t cost you too much money consuming it every day!

Bad Eating Habits: Unhealthy Snacks Must Stop!

Sometimes during office hours, we can eat tons of junk food.

Some people even keep a lot of junk food in their drawers in the office.

It’s crazy, they open those drawers and are full of sweets, fried potatoes, processed food, chocolates, and other snacks that are consumed as the day goes by.

The important thing is that due to the anxiety that some people suffer, eating all this sometimes calms them down.

However, you can choose another kind of snacks or just drink water.

Maybe you think that eating all these foods don’t damage your energy, but it really does.

Managing a sedentary life can make you gain a lot of weight, you become slower, you don’t have enough energy, and you can develop different diseases, like heart disease or diabetes.

Plus, they slowly hurt your teeth and can have terrible consequences.

Just imagine, we spend all day at work and during that period we eat snacks that are not healthy.

As more time goes by, the complications will be more significant.

To avoid health problems we need to cut down or limit the bad eating habit at the office.

And if you can’t help it, you can try different types of snacking, for example:

  • Try Dried fruit instead of fried potatoes.
  • Fresh fruit like bananas can work too.
  • Oatmeal is good for your heart.
  • Hummus is delicious to satisfy the after lunch “munchies”
  • Sticks of low-fat cheese
  • Raw vegetables like baby carrots.
  • Chewing sugar-free gum is an option.

You should stop Smoking

Most of us are aware of how bad tobacco is for our overall health.

It damages not only our lungs but also other organs or tissues in our body such as our throat.

If we combine it with coffee intake, our teeth can turn yellow in no time.

In fact, lung cancer is one of the main reasons of death in several countries around the world and also the main cause of yellow or brown teeth.

You should be aware that even if smoking calms your anxiety, it is not the best alternative to release stress.

Employees who smoke may represent a decrease in daily productivity due to the small numbers of moments they take to smoke.

Since smoking requires doing it outdoors, they must leave their seats to go out and smoke a cigar.

If you have too many pending projects on your desktop, this activity will slow you down.

Also, this bad habit can leave a horrible smell on your clothes and your hair.

In addition to the bad breath that it will generate.

So if you want to improve your general health and prevent dental problems, you must give up this unpleasant activity.

Visit your Dentist More Often!

Even when our lives are busy, we must find time to go to our dentist for our regular check-ups.

We must go to the dental office at least twice a year to be able to detect problems in time before they become more severe or have no solution.

Regular checkups with your Clairemont dentist will help to detect gum disease, tooth decay, and even potentially life-threatening diseases like diabetes or oral cancer. Potential oral health problems aren’t visible or cause discomfort until they are in advanced stages.

Dr. Serena in San Diego is proud to treat any oral conditions in the early stages to prevent significant issues in the future and preserve her patients’ overall health.


  • Aparicio Serena

    Dr. Serena Aparicio, DDS, is a highly accomplished dentist specializing in cosmetic and implant dentistry. With over 23 years of experience worldwide, Dr. Aparicio has established herself as a leading expert in her field. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she has practiced dentistry in several countries, including the USA, Canada, Germany, China, England, France, South Korea, Turkey, and Costa Rica.

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