How to Find a New Dentist When you are Moving Out

moving out

Moving out is always a hard task because whether it is across town or cross-country, it involves staying on top of huge and small duties.

In the rush of packing, changing addresses, finding new stores, renting trucks to move all out, and all other checklist things that come with changing from one house to another, there is stuff you need to remember.

For most people, packing their china is one of the most important things when moving out. However, even when it can be important, there are some tips to keep on track, and one of them is to find a new dentist.

We know that perhaps you are considering keeping your current dentist. If your new home is a little bit far from the dental office, it will be a problem for you to reach your old office.

Changing health care providers should never be done carelessly. It would be best if you researched before deciding so that you can choose wisely, this includes dentists too.

Make sure you make an informed decision and pick someone you are going to trust. We have some tips that you can take into account when you are moving out.

Look for ADA-Certified Dentist 


The ADA (American Dental Association) requires its certified dentists to abide by specific professional and ethical codes. As such, its database is a big place to begin your research for a skilled, trustworthy dentist in your new neighborhood. 

Patients can find ADA-certified dentists all over the country, searching in the ADA’s database. When patients change their dentist, they look for more than someone who cleans their teeth.

Oral health is an essential part of keeping our overall health. You need to have a dental office that knows your teeth very well, an office that keeps a file with your records. 

Most patients don’t see how important choosing a new dentist is until they need one. You can’t just randomly pick a dentist when you have an emergency.

They need to know all about your mouth; if you have any allergies, diseases, etc. It would be best if you had a professional that looks out for your oral health’s best interest. 

Having a new dental office allows you to feel comfortable dropping in for a regular checkup. It provides you a safe and trusted place to turn for dental treatment, surgery, or emergency procedure. 

Ask for Reviews or References

If you are looking for a new dentist in your area, ask around. One of the most reliable ways of finding out about a qualified dentist in your new neighborhood is to ask someone.

So, if you already meet some people such as neighbors, coworkers, etc. you can ask them which dentist are they visiting. 

Don’t worry if you are new and don’t know anybody yet; you can always go online and search for a dentist near you. Asking Google is a great way to find the right dentist for you. 

Social media is a fantastic way to find and learn about businesses in your new neighborhood. You can add yourself to a social media group; it can be a wealth of information for you now that you are new in town. 

Reading other people’s experiences about a dental office would help you rest assured that you are picking a dental office with an established track record. 

Plus, you can always go straight to a dental office social media or Yelp reviews to read what other people are writing about that dentist.

Having the chance to go online to find anything is one of the best things you can use to find what you are looking for. 

Book a Consultation

If you found a new dentist in Clairemont or anywhere else, you can schedule an appointment before making a final decision.

Throughout this appointment, a dentist and the staff can show you around the office, discuss dental insurance terms, explain general dental procedures, and clarify any questions you might have. 

This is a fantastic method to choose a dental office in your new area and reduce any concerns you might feel about switching dentists. During the first consultation, you can determine if it is the right fit for you and your family. 

Book an appointment with two or three dentists to see which one is better prepared, who answers your questions better, etc. 

Some dentists feel like touring around a person that may or may not become a patient, is a total waste of their time. It is up to you if you want to choose a dentist that is not willing to show you that you worth the time putting your needs first as you want to make the right decision.

You are not just buying fruit or bread, we are talking about your oral health, and it is a pretty important issue that you need to address with the right people. 

Consider a Dentist that is Good for all the Family Members 

Consider all the family members when looking for a dentist. You will need to consider their particular need, ages, and preferences before making a decision.

If you have children, you can search to find a family office that can handle pediatric dentistry. 

Parents think in the little ones before thinking in themselves. The good news is that you can be lucky and find an office that can be good for adults and the little ones as well. 

Plus, think about the little ones as people that are going to grow up sooner than later. Meaning, kids are going to become teens, and they may need braces, so check out a dental office specializing in orthodontics. 

It is crucial to pick a dentist that can help you in case you have a dental emergency. Kids or anyone in your family may have an accident that requires fast dental assistance, such as falling off the bicycle or being hitten by a pin-pong ball right in the front teeth. 

Don’t Forget your Records!

dentist checks x ray photo of mouth

If you are moving out, don’t forget to ask your old dentist for your dental record. Before you move, make sure to transfer your dental files to the new dental office.

The dentist in your new location will need to know about your dental past. What a dental record show?

Well, a dentist can quickly know about your dental health past, including surgeries, when was the last time you had a dental cleaning, any medication you need, and diseases you may have such as gingivitis. 

Bringing your dental files with you can help make the change of dentist easier. Some patients don’t even consider this part of moving out.

And it is mortifying since your dental health is as important as your overall health. One thing is linked to the other, and both are very, very necessary for you and your family to take dental health into account. 

Your teeth have a history that other dentists not know. It would become your responsibility to let your new dentist know if you are allergic to some medications, dental implants, or sensibility in one or more teeth. 

Evaluate your Dentist!

Some people book a necessary appointment with their new dentist so they can verify that they’ve made the right decision.

Regular cleaning is a fantastic way to start because you can see how the staff talk and perform to your new dentist being a patient.  

  • During that appointment, you can evaluate: 
  • How clean the office is.
  • The chair-side manner of the dentist and the team
  • The level of comfort
  • The conversations with the dentist.
  • If the team and the dentist listen to your questions and value you as a patient. 
  • If the dentist and the staff provide advice.

Switching homes is not always an easy thing to do. You need to design a plan for it. Picking a new dentist should be done the same way, thinking about it well before making your choice. 

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  • Thanks for the reminder that it’s helpful to get references when looking for a new general dentist. I’d like to find one soon because I’m interested in moving to a different city in a few months. I’d like to make sure that I wouldn’t miss my regular checkup just because of that.


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