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Fixing a gummy smile
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Fixing a gummy smile can be liberating for a patient. If you smile and feel your gums are too big, it can be uncomfortable for you. Gum contouring is a procedure that can be done either for cosmetic or health reasons.

Probably when you see your old pictures you think that your smile is beautiful but is very “gummy.” Maybe it is time to explore options like gum contouring if you feel you have a “gummy smile”.

Believe it or not, some people don’t know about the procedure. But they actually think that their smiles are missing something. So, even when they have fabulous teeth, they start looking for something else to enhance them. Some cases involve the restoration of gum tissues due to gum disease too.

Periodontal o gum diseases like these can destroy part of the gums. Gums are the support for our teeth, so it is crucial to have them in good shape.

So we can still have all our teeth in place. As you know, when a person develops periodontal disease there can be a problem of missing teeth.

The loss of gum tissues may lead to the loss of every single tooth in our mouth. This is the main reason why dentists in Clairemont or anywhere else insist a lot on us brushing our teeth at least twice a day.

Gum contouring or also known as gum lift is mainly a cosmetic dental procedure that involves gum reshaped. I know that there are many questions that you ask yourself when you are deciding whether or not to undergo this treatment. Including inquiries related to the price, pain, or the entire process. Patients can often wonder about gum lift a lot. Especially if they didn’t know about it before needed it.


What Causes a Gummy Smile?

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A lot of people think that the answer to that question may seem simple. It is obvious that the cause for a “gummy smile” is that there is too much gum, right? 

However, the truth is that the cause of a gummy smile is much more complex than just that. Please, don’t try to use Google to guess why you have extra tissue.

There are more causes for a gummy smile, and it is crucial to see a specialist to fully understand each of them.

Each patient will need different treatment depending on his needs. Three of the most common causes are: 

  • Extra gum (Gingiva) is covering the teeth
  • The lip rises higher than it should
  • The upper jaw (Maxilla) is taller than ideal


Enhancing your Smile, Get Rid of that “Gummy Smile”

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We are going to start by telling you what a gum-line contouring procedure is. In cosmetic dentistry in San Diego or almost every country, this treatment includes reshaping gums. Patients may opt for this method when they are not happy with the current appearance of their gums because they are too large.

When gums are too large, teeth may be hidden from you. A cosmetic dentist will cut away the excess tissue surrounding your teeth.

By reducing the excess tissue, a dentist will achieve a restoration giving your teeth a better appearance. Maybe this sounds like it will hurt a lot. You are talking about cutting away part of your gums! But you have to have faith in a great dentist.

That is why you must first concentrate efforts on finding a professional near you. If you live in the San Diego area, you will discover different choices like Serena Family & Cosmetic Dentistry located in Clairemont.

Once you are in a dental office of your trust, you should ask questions that encourage your confidence in that San Diego dentist. This dental procedure is big, so it’s a good idea to look for someone who can deliver high-grade results. Maybe you end up here reading this blog because you are already considering this procedure.

So, the main advice here would be to find a dentist you can trust. Plus, probably you believe that you need a gum reduction. All because you think they look uneven, but perhaps your gum is fine the way it is. So, at your first dental appointment, your dentist will be very honest with you about whether you can have this treatment or not.

What is a Gummy Smile Treatment?

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The one million dollar question is: how much pain I am going to feel? It is essential for you to understand that as with every surgical procedure, there are some aspects you are going to deal with.

One of these aspects is pain. Although it is not a lot of pain, honestly it is not like a summer camp either. There can be a little bit of pain during the procedure. But take into account that you will be under anesthesia not feeling a thing. Probably you already see a lot of Youtube videos about this procedure. It is okay to want to learn more about it before making a decision.

But, be careful not to trick your mind away with what you see on those videos. Take into account that this procedure contributes a lot to patients that are feeling insecure about their smiles. Some people feel bad about their smiles. They probably wore braces at some point in their lives.

But they still are disappointed when they saw the final results in the mirror or photographs. Because there are yet details in their teeth that they want to improve.

Some opt for porcelain veneers after their orthodontic treatment. But even so, if they still hold there is something wrong with their gums, they will not be completely comfortable at all until they change it.

So, don’t be afraid of gum reshaping. The results are fantastic, and a lot of people have tried it for years.

It won’t be like a horror movie or something like that. Put away those thoughts, and stop making up wrong ideas about it. Talk with a professional to clear up your doubts.

What about Periodontal Gum Reshaping?


Well, as I was telling you before in this post. You may opt for this procedure whether for cosmetic or health reasons. When a patient develops periodontal disease, regularly there is not much that a dentist in Clairemont or anywhere else could do to treat it.

Because once the periodontal disease starts its way, well there is pretty much no turning back. So, the worse scenario is the patient losing all his teeth. Mainly, periodontal gum reshaping or contouring is a curative way to try to fight against decay. A Clairemont dentist will concentrate efforts to counter periodontal disease by sealing tissues.

With it, a dentist will get rid of receding gums that could expose your teeth leaving them defenseless. This method will try to avoid the emergence of sacs between teeth giving an opportunity for germs to accumulate there. Have in mind that it is necessary for you and your family to take care of your teeth and gums.

Preventing periodontal diseases is really easy if you develop a proper oral cleaning routine. Gum contouring is available with your cosmetic dentist in Clairemont, San Diego.

As a patient, you will receive a shot of local anesthetic to put control over the pain by numbing the tissue. You can also receive a free second opinion from our dentist at Serena. During this meeting, you can talk with our dentist about your fears over this procedure.

She is a qualified dentist in Clairemont who can aim to overcome anxiety helping to get rid of the “gummy smile.”


How much would it Cost Gum Reshaping?

The price will depend on your needs. Costs of gum reshaping may vary depending on how is going to be done (laser or cutting), the dental office, the dentist, and the portion of gums to cut off.

Since most of the time, gum contouring is a cosmetic procedure more than medical dental insurance companies don’t have coverage for it. However, some companies pay a fraction of the total amount.

You can talk with your dental insurance company to learn more about it. Some people are wondering about prices because it sounds like it could be a costly procedure to do.

However, you can talk with a dentist of your choice about payment plans, discounts, or a better way for you to go into this procedure without breaking out your bank account. The better way to know about the best alternatives is by talking with a professional to be aware of your possible options.


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