What are Dental Implants? Why you Need to Stop Hesitating!

advantages of getting dental implants

What are dental implants? If you don’t know yet what they are and how they work, you should keep reading this until the end.

A dental implant is a surgery that replaces tooth roots with a biocompatible material, screwlike posts that will replace missing teeth with artificial teeth that function and look like natural ones.

Pretty awesome if you ask me. This is dental technology that nowadays we can take advantage of to improve our smile!

But how is that possible? Well, this surgery can offer an alternative to dental bridges and partial or complete dentures.

Other options, such as the ones I just mentioned, can’t provide all the advantages dental implants do.

The way a dentist will perform a surgery to place implants depends on the type of implant and the jawbone condition.

You will need an evaluation from a specialist before considering implants.

One of the most important benefits of dental implants is that they have stable support for your new teeth and will naturally stimulate bone growth.

But let’s overview all the advantages that dental implants can offer to you.


1. Dental Implants are Permanent and Durable

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One of the main reasons why you should choose implants is that they are a long-lasting solution. 

However, implants require the same care you would give to natural teeth.

They should last decades if you provide proper maintenance to them.

Implants don’t interfere in the daily routine, and most importantly, you don’t need to remove them when you go to sleep. 

What are dental implants? A long-lasting solution!


2. Implants Look Just Like Natural Teeth

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If you are wondering if dental implants will look like natural teeth, the answer is yes.

They are designed to look and feel just like natural teeth. They are a fantastic option if you want a natural result. Other people won’t spot the difference!

And when you compare to other restorative alternatives for missing teeth, such as bridges or dentures, dental implants are hands-down the most natural-looking alternative. 

Dental crowns are like the cherry on top dental implants.

Crowns are the final touch on this procedure that will provide a very aesthetic look resembling a tooth’s natural color. 

So, a dentist will be able to match your surrounding teeth’ color so you can’t tell the difference either. 

Implants allow the patient to have the same sensations when chewing, speaking, or smiling as they had with their natural teeth.


3. It is a Safe Procedure

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  • Implant placement is a minor surgery, which has an excellent postoperative phase. 
  • In fact, near 85% of patients who undergo dental implants San Diego can go back to work the next day; there’s no need to take personal days or sick days.
  • Today’s success rate of dental implants stands at 98%.

So, we can agree that they are a safe procedure for teeth replacement. They are a well-established surgery that has been performed for decades now. 


4. They Don’t Damage the Rest of the Teeth



Yes, I know you are wondering this too. You have many questions, and among them is that if this procedure will cause any havoc to the rest of your teeth. 

Now, we need to tell you that you need to go to experts if you are really considering this procedure.

The damage of an adjacent tooth caused by a dental implant may be possible if not placed the right way.

That is why you need to see only specialists when it comes to your health! 

Other than that, implants won’t damage your surrounding teeth.

As a matter of fact, they will prevent unwanted movements of the remaining teeth keeping them in the right position. 


5. Help to Preserve the Bone



Of course, they help to preserve the bone. They are implants, meaning is that they are a substitute for tooth roots, providing the same function as real teeth will.

Implants will stimulate the bone, thereby preserving it, and stopping the bone deterioration, which happens when we lost one or more teeth. 

You don’t want to experience bone loss.

The lips begin to retract, making your face look different, also causing aesthetic and functional damage to the rest of your teeth and tissue.

The bone is a loss because it is no longer receiving proper stimulation from chewing too. 

With implants, you can expect the bone’s natural growth since the screw will be in the maxilla, replacing the root of the missing tooth. 


6. Oral Hygiene Will be Easy



Dental implants will allow you to brush and floss as you would do with your real teeth.

Oral hygiene will be the same after getting dental implants.

Actually, the maintenance for them needs to be the one you give to your teeth, in order to preserve them better. 

 Don’t forget to brush and floss every day, maintain your implants, and keep remaining dental pieces with you for more years. 

The best part is that you won’t need to remove your implants 


7. Implants are a Great Investment



Patients often ask themselves if implants worth all the troubles.

I won’t call dental implants trouble.

Of course, the process won’t be a piece of cake because there are many things you will be going through.

However, due to their durability, aesthetics, looks, and functionality, this option is probably the best for missing teeth replacement.

The procedure gives you a long-term alternative that can last the rest of your life if you provide proper maintenance. 

This choice is considered one of the best investments you can do in life.

And given the results dental implants can provide, we agree! 


Why is it Crucial to Replace Empty Spaces with Dental Implants?


You may have recently lost a tooth, or maybe you have gone several years without your tooth.

And at the end of the day, you know that the most important thing is to replace the missing tooth as soon as possible, but you postpone your treatment for a long time.

Although you might think that it is too late to start the process to bring your smile back to life, you are wrong; any time is an excellent time to start.

The only truth is that when you postpone your schedule with your dentist, you’re putting your oral health at risk.

This is mainly caused because the longer you go toothless, they are more likely to develop problems and diseases that compromise your entire mouth.

The lack of teeth causes an obvious problem that you may have already noticed.

The issues that come within are not only physical but also psychological.


Problems That are Caused by the Lack of Teeth



  • The difficulty for eating and chewing, teeth are designed for chewing, so when teeth are missing, it is difficult to chew, and even cause a lot of pain for the person; and this can lead to an unfortunate nutrition problem.
  • Displacement of the rest of the teeth led by the empty spaces in the mouth.
  • Speech issues – which can be embarrassing and diminish self-confidence, just like physical appearance.
  • Early aging is caused because without your teeth to support the skin around the mouth; you can start to sag, making those with missing teeth appear older than they are.
  • Loss of confidence a 2015 study by the American Dental Association found that 23% of people reported embarrassment and avoidance of smiling due to their missing teeth.

All these complications are caused by not starting the dental implant treatment on time.

If you do it on time, it will not be as expensive as possible if you let this for a long time.

Now that you know everything that can go wrong if you don’t do something about it.

Do not hesitate and visit Serena in San Diego to get the best quality in your dental implants.


What Materials are Dental Implants Made Of? 

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Dental implants are made by materials such as titanium or zirconium; now, let’s see the differences between these two. 

Titanium implants

The vast majority of dental implants on the market are made of titanium. This material is ideal for these main reasons:

1. The long-term success it has shown.

2. Its great biocompatibility.

Initially, the implants were pure titanium, but their consistency was too soft, so an alloy was developed to overcome these harmful properties.

-Today, more than 95% of dental implants on the market are different titanium alloys.

-Since titanium dental implants have been in use, there has been no report of an allergy or reaction to the metal itself. 

Still, many people with an allergy or sensitivity to other metals are reluctant to place any metal inside their bodies.

Zirconium implants

Zirconia is known for its likeness to diamonds. It is a crystal material that is altered when used in implant dentistry to give it a tooth color.

This kind of implant is used in the form of zirconium oxide, together with other components, it results in a product with an opaque white appearance and is considered ceramic.

Although zircon is an entirely valid option, titanium implants are much more versatile than zircon because they can be manufactured as one or two-piece systems.


Differences Between One and Two-piece Systems


Titanium can offer two-piece systems: 

-In a two-piece system, the implant replaces the root and is placed at the underlying bone level. Besides this, a post or abutment treatment is made to support or fix the prostheses.

-The two-piece systems are much more versatile and offer many more prosthetic options, place cemented or screwed prostheses on the implants, and offer much more flexibility regarding their surgical placement.

-Zirconium implants are done in one piece. Therefore, the only option for prosthetics is to cement them.

Although these implants look promising, long-term evidence is lacking, and stability is under study. 

Now that you know the advantages of having dental implants after a missing or broken tooth, do not hesitate and visit Serena Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in San Diego to get the best quality in your dental implants. 


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  • Thank you so much for explaining what titanium implants are like and why so many people pick them when getting teeth replacements. The idea of having a biocompatible replacement for my large molar tooth that won’t crack or break easily makes me excited about getting all my regular speaking and eating functions back. If I can find a dental implant expert in the area, I’ll make sure to ask for titanium ones from them.


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