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Teeth Cosmetic Procedures: You Can Improve your Smile!

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There are numerous teeth cosmetic procedures that can provide you with the dental results that you desire. We all deserve a brighter future, and why not start off with a brighter smile. Most dental operations are developed and executed with precision and effectiveness to eliminate harmful bacteria that may damage your teeth. There are also dental devices as well as gadgets that help reduce plaque that accumulates between your teeth over time.

Other electronic tools and devices help dental surgeons across the globe to perform pain-free operations every day. But there is another dentistry field that focuses on your teeth’ appearance helping your signature smile look even better. Many patients state that the results that teeth cosmetic procedures provide results surpassing those they thought were not achievable.

Generally, cosmetic dentistry refers to dental work that improves their teeth’ look and feels and provides beneficial effects over their standard performance and functionality. Teeth cosmetic procedures not only changes the appearance of your teeth but can also change the look of your gums or bite.

What can Cosmetic Dentistry fix?

Teeth transform over time, whether for good or bad results, but they, without a doubt, shape into their new form, depending on how we treat them. Every time we brush and floss, we allow our teeth to continue functioning and performing the way they are supposed to, thus, allowing us to smile comfortably and eating what we enjoy.

As time moves on, our teeth age, depending on the care we gave them. Some teeth may deteriorate or appear a bit discolored. Others are stained, worn down, misaligned, broken, or in other words, have been taking on whatever we put in our mouths.

Cosmetic dentistry strives to primarily focus on improving based on the current state of the patient, solely focusing on oral aesthetics in areas like the following:

  •  Dental alignment
  •  Size
  •  Position
  •  Shape/ form
  •  Color

This will, in the end, provide the patient with the results they expect to obtain. You can think of teeth cosmetic procedures as a complete smile makeover, allowing you to have the smile of your dreams.

What Types Of Teeth Cosmetic Procedures Exist?

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From teeth whitening to dental veneers, numerous procedures change your teeth’ color and the size or spacing between your teeth. Some of which include the following:

  •  Dental Implants: Dental Implants are titanium-based replacements for tooth roots placed and fused with your jaw bone’s socket where there was a missing tooth. After the dental implant was inserted during the healing process, the jaw bone will fuse and create a supporting foundation for the replacement tooth.
  •  Inlays: Inlays are indirect fillings, originally made up of diverse materials such as composite materials, porcelain, and gold. This cosmetic procedure will undoubtedly solve damaged or decayed teeth by preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible. Inlays are also a great alternative to dental crowns.
  •  Crowns: Dental crowns, also known as caps, are placed or utilized to replace the whole damaged, deteriorated, or decayed tooth above the gum line. This will, in the end, restore its entire appearance, shape, size as well as strength, restoring its original functionality back to normal. 
  •  Dental Bonding: The liquid gel-based compound procedure called dental bonding is made up of plastic materials that are very durable and can withstand wear and tear. After it is applied over the tooth, it will be hardened with laser rays similar to like ultraviolet lighting. The liquid-based compound is then trimmed down to a certain level by your local dental surgeon, who then shapes the tooth to the desired size and finalizes the process by polishing the final result. 
  •  Veneers: Dental veneers are tooth-sized custom shells that are placed over a tooth. Before setting the veneer into place, a thin layer of tooth enamel would be removed. They are a super thin cap of resin or porcelain-based material that is cemented over the front teeth, which in the end will undoubtedly change the color of your teeth as well as the length, size, and shape.
  • Teeth whitening: This option is one of the easiest yet most effective procedures available. Do not allow its simplicity to fool you as its results speak for themselves. Whitening strips are an excellent example of the counter products you can buy to obtain quick results. But its results are short term, so it’s best to receive a professional teeth whitening session from your local dental surgeon as its results last much longer if appropriately treated.

The Top Five Teeth Cosmetic Procedures

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When it comes down to the best teeth cosmetic procedures, it doesn’t matter if you desire a whiter shade for your teeth or require a dental alignment. The field of cosmetic dentistry has innovated, advanced, and perfected its techniques for the better.

If you are someone looking to brighten up your smile or revive your signature smile, you might’ve lost over time. The following options are the best ways to obtain the results you desire regarding cosmetic dentistry.

 Invisalign braces: braces are not just for kids; nowadays, braces are now becoming more and more popular among adults that desire to straighten their teeth. Invisalign braces are, as the name suggests, transparent plastic that surrounds your teeth just like normal braces would, but are not noticeable as they appear to be invisible.

Enamel bonding: dental bonding or enamel bonding is an optimal procedure for those individuals who have teeth accumulated one too many stains over time or possibly chipped a tooth be an accident.

 Teeth bleaching: This procedure is a reasonably quick one at that, as it provides an almost instant solution for those who want to change their smile quickly and efficiently. But nonetheless offers an option for those who want nothing more than a quick yet straightforward whitening for their teeth. Plus, it’s an inexpensive solution for his or her smile. Teeth whitening can be professionally applied by your local dental or surgeon or at home by you by utilizing, as we mentioned earlier, over-the-counter products. But remember, they don’t always offer the best results as you may apply either too much or too little and only works best when applied successfully by a professional.

 Enamel abrasion: A smart way of removing discoloration, as this procedure removes any surface stains during a pain-free session of enamel abrasion. It removes stains that could’ve appeared either by consuming beverages like coffee, wine, soda, or tobacco-related products. Remember that your local dental surgeon will provide you with the best options for stain removal and which one will best suit your dental needs.

 Dental Veneers: Veneers have come a long way and have slowly developed into the quote-on-quote measuring stick for cosmetic dentistry. Some suggest it may just be the gold standard for this field of dentistry. For decades, dental veneers have been covering up the surfaces of thousands of teeth. Veneers are also an ideal problem solver for any potentially hard to remove stains that teeth whitenings couldn’t resolve.

Best Cosmetic Dentist in San Diego

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From practical solutions to challenging operations, any dental issue, or complication you may be struggling with can be solved by discussing any uncertainties you may have with your dentist in Clairemont. They can specify any special requirements they may need to treat you or quick and ideal solutions for your concerns.

Cosmetic dentistry in San Diego has never been easier to provide and successfully execute, as with the up and coming technologies and advancements in dentistry, your cosmetic dental needs will be solved. After having implemented one of the many techniques available, your local dental surgeon will undoubtedly fit all of your dental needs to achieve your desired results.

Suppose you have any further questions or concerns. In that case, dentists are highly qualified to carefully examine and provide you with the most precise information about dental care before suggesting any specialty or dental procedure you may require. Contact us today to see how we can help your smile! 


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