Everything You Need to Know About Tooth Reshaping

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Tooth reshaping, also called odontoplasty, is a conservative, painless, and fast procedure that effectively improves the appearance of teeth and overall dental health. 

This procedure involves removing a portion of the tooth enamel using a laser or drill to modify the shape, length, or surface of teeth. Tooth reshaping is often performed along with bonding, which uses tooth-colored materials to reshape a tooth. 

It is one of the most cost-effective alternatives for fixing uneven, chipped, or poorly aligned teeth to create a more attractive and healthy smile. Cosmetic dentists often combine contouring or shaping teeth with a treatment called bonding, which involves applying resin to enhance teeth’ overall look. 


What Is Cosmetic Contouring?

Do you ever stop to think that your smile could be a little bit different? It is possible to have a more beautiful smile! Cosmetic tooth reshaping or dental contouring is a technique that involves removing small portions of the enamel, the outer covering of your teeth, to enhance its appearance. Cosmetic procedures are ideal for patients with crooked or pointy teeth or those with a tooth sticking out more than the rest of the teeth. 

I know this information can be confusing at first, but fortunately, you can always call your San Diego dentist to help you solve all your doubts. Cosmetic dental procedures can also improve your oral health, and teeth reshaping can be the first step.

Plus, after reshaping, you can always go further with more cosmetic dental treatments such as crown lengthening or teeth whitening. 

Patients with fractured, worn, or irregular teeth found a solution in cosmetic treatments such as contouring. You can see their relief in their faces after the procedure, especially after thinking that there was no way to fix their teeth.


How are Teeth Reshaping done? How Long Does it Take?

The first thing you need to have in mind is that every case is different. Plus, to determine if you are a proper candidate for tooth reshaping, you will need to set an appointment with your nearest dentist in San Diego


  • First consultation: Your cosmetic dentist may first take X-rays during your first appointment to start making you a dental plan that works flawlessly for your dental needs. X-rays can show the size and position of the pulp and ensure the health of the tooth. If the enamel layer on your teeth is thin or the pulp is too close to the tooth surface, tooth reshaping may not be possible.


  • A dentist starts reshaping: Well, after determining that you have enough dental surface to continue with the procedure, a cosmetic dentist will trim misshapen areas, shortening excessively long teeth, or adjusting poorly shaped teeth to even them out for proper alignment and bite. Remember that you can chew, but that doesn’t mean that you are doing it correctly. So, yes, improving your teeth can help you bite and chew better. Tooth reshaping may require just one 35-minute visit with your dentist in Clairemont, depending on the case. 


  • The procedure: After the X-rays comes the most exciting part of this treatment. The dentist will make little marks on teeth using a pen to highlight the areas in need of sculpting. Then, she will use a diamond bur to remove a bit of the enamel eliminating the imperfections. For imperfections between your teeth and to shape a tooth’s sides, a sandpaper-like strip may also be used during the procedure. Do not need to worry about this because it is painless; that is the best part, you won’t feel a thing!   


  • After the procedure: Bonded and reshaped teeth need good aftercare to keep their attractive look. Of all dental restorations, bonded teeth are the most at risk of staining or chipping, according to the AGD. So, you should avoid chewing your fingernails, biting pens, eating hard food, and opening things with your new teeth to reduce chipping risks. This alternative is one of the most affordable ways you improve your smile, compared to braces and other orthodontic dental work.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Tooth Reshaping?

This treatment may be affordable, quick, and painless, but it also offers less dramatic modifications than other cosmetic procedures such as dental implants or dental veneers. Reshaping only eliminates minor imperfections, so, for significant enhancements, you might want to consider getting other cosmetic solutions. 

You need to consider one more thing. Since the removal of tooth enamel is required, contouring is permanent in the sense that small portions of the surface of your real teeth will be removed to reveal a smoother tooth profile.


Why do I Need Tooth Reshaping and Contouring?

Happy, cheerful girl holding sweet red strawberry lollipop and having fun. Playful model in striped dress looking at camera, posing on yellow background.Crooked or chipped teeth not only ruin a smile and facial appearance, but they also produce functional problems, including difficulty in speaking and eating. Furthermore, oral hygiene preservation around abnormal teeth becomes very hard as food tends to stick to them, leading to many dental problems such as tooth decay. Therefore, it is necessary to restore misshaped teeth. 

Plus, with cosmetic procedures such as dental contouring, patients can make a huge difference in how they feel about their smiles. If you are a resident of Clairemont, Mesa, then you should consider Serena Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to get your teeth reshaped. 

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