What Happens if You Don’t Treat Cavities?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is ignoring your oral health. Cavities are an enemy you should look out for. They arrive to take away your pleasure for eating, your self-confidence, your comfort, and so much more.

Dr. Serena Kurt, your reliable dentist in San Diego, has had numerous patients with cases of cavities and knows the consequences of leaving this issue unattended for too long.

But why do people tend to put off treatment for cavities?

It can be because when cavities start forming, they don’t really cause any discomfort until they’re too developed.

And even then, people still tend to leave them untreated. 

Getting used to the pain or sensitivity from a cavity is not the way to go. Cavities can only get worse, and that’s why you must treat them right away.

Let’s go a little bit deeper into this topic.

What Is a Cavity?

Cavities occur when tooth enamel is destroyed by acid and bacteria. These acids join with the harmful bacteria in the mouth and form a plaque on the teeth that eat away and dissolve the tooth enamel’s minerals. The more the enamel weakens, the more the teeth decay, and cavities form.

6 Regular Symptoms of Cavities

Depending on the location and progression of the cavity, the symptoms can vary. However, it’s common to not have any pain or sensitivity in the early stages of it. The troublesome effects start taking place when the cavity gets larger. These are some of the common signs you’ll encounter:

  1. Tooth sensitivity.
  2. A spontaneous toothache that appears out of nowhere and without a clear explanation.
  3. Intense or medium pain when you eat or drink sweet, cold, or hot foods.
  4. Visible holes in the teeth.
  5. Appearance of brown, black or white spots on the surface of your teeth.
  6. Pain when you bite down on something.

The 5 Stages of Cavities


In the first stage, the tooth enamel begins to weaken. Dark, brown, or white spots may also begin to appear on your tooth. Otherwise, the decay may be hidden between the teeth or in an out-of-sight spot.

It is easier to get rid of the damage with a dentist’s visit as the damage is minor. Even if it doesn’t bother you, you should still get it checked.


Naturally, if the decay is still there, the enamel on your teeth has been significantly damaged. This is where the sensitivity begins. You can seek treatment with dental fillings to stop any further damage.


The next phase is when it all starts to get worse. The decay that has destroyed your enamel is strong enough to penetrate the next layer of your tooth: the dentin. When it reaches this soft tissue, decay will develop even faster.

At this point, you may begin to feel pain. This is an excellent sign to visit your San Diego dentist as soon as possible. 


Inside your tooth, there’s a very essential part that’s called the pulp. If the bacteria advances and reaches the pulp, you’ll suffer a lot of pain. And the harm is now severe. 

You’ll have to get a root canal treatment to take care of the pulp decay.


Yeah, it can get even worse. When bacteria reach the pulp, what follows is the creation of an abscess. A critical infection in which a pus-filled pocket develops in the tooth.

This will be even more painful. If a root canal treatment is not enough to treat it, a tooth extraction will be required.

What Happens If You Don’t Take Care of a Cavity?

As you might’ve realized with the stages of cavities, this dental issue only worsens with time. 

While it follows its development process in your mouth, your life will start being affected in numerous ways. 

You’ll have to get used to living with pain which will become even worse when you try to eat anything, as soft as it might be. 

As a result, you might avoid eating as much as you can, and the effects of this will manifest in weightloss. Your body will not be receiving the nutrients it should, which could lead to other illnesses or health conditions.

If that wasn’t enough, your self-esteem would also be affected. Remember, our smile is the first thing that makes an impression on others. If it’s damaged, you’ll start experiencing scenarios you don’t want to be part of. 

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. If you don’t feel good about yourself, you’ll have a rough time trying to get through your everyday life.

What’s even worse, if the cavities in your mouth progress enough to form an abscess, you could even develop life-threatening infections.

What Can You Do to Prevent Cavities?

The best thing you can do is follow an oral hygiene routine frequently. Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and try to do it after every meal or twice a day. 

Dental floss is also crucial. Sometimes, food can get stuck in between the teeth, which cannot be eliminated with brushing. That’s why you need to floss very well to reduce the chances of getting cavities.

Mouth rinses with fluoride are just what you need to complete your cleaning routine. 

Most importantly, visit your dentist to get your exams and professional cleanings. The dental office is where you can know for sure what’s going on with your teeth. This way, you’ll be able to stop any future dental problems.

Visit Serena Family & Cosmetic Dentistry if you want to get high-quality, caring dental care. Dr. Serena Kurt always makes her patients feel at home and helps them recover their smiles with her expertise of more than 23 years of practice.

You may also avoid eating snacks frequently and consuming sugary drinks. These only contribute to the destruction of your teeth.

Your dentist in San Diego, CA, has the best solutions for dental fillings, Porcelain Crowns, and root canal treatments. If you have cavities and want to take care of them, this is the best place you can choose.

Recover your smile and improve your life!

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