Will my Teeth Move Back the way they were After Braces Come Off?

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Every patient wearing braces is waiting for the day when the dentist finally take them off.

They believe that it is over, that they are going to have a straight smile forever.

The thing here is that it is not always that way. Of course that each patient is different also having different needs.

But, something you must know is that teeth have memory.

And eventually, they are going to remember where they were at the beginning of your treatment.

So, it is important to have in mind that your treatment is not over yet.

You will need to follow future instructions that your dentist will provide to you.

The movement can be quite minor, but it happens.

So, don’t try to avoid the following instructions from your Clairemont dentist.

You probably will need to wear a retainer in order to keep teeth in place after braces.

However, if your teeth are moving too much, damage to roots could happen.

Life After Braces


You probably are thinking what is next after braces.

But, only your San Diego dentist will tell you what is next.

So, they often suggest the use of a retainer after brackets to make pressure over teeth for a while.

So they won’t back the way they were.

It is painless, and you have chances of wearing it only by night.

It is the most common thing to happen when your treatment is over.

If your dentist is going to remove your brackets any time soon, talk to your dentist in San Diego about your concerns.

Retainers are made from different materials to hold your teeth from moving again keeping them in their new places.

You will enjoy a brand new smile.

A lot of friends have been there using dental braces at some point in their lives.

They share with me a few stories about their experiences after dentist took off the braces.

They thought that it was over and they speak loud when dentists said to them that treatment was not over yet.

And it is normal to be a little bit mad about it because some of you probably used braces for a couple of years.

So the thing here is that maybe you are tired of visiting a dentist once a month or every time you struggle with the wires and stuff in your mouth.

Why do I Need to Wear a Retainer?

After your treatment, you will enjoy a beautiful smile. However, if your dentist insists on the use of a retainer, you must listen. This little friend will maintain your teeth the way braces left them encouraging better oral care in the process.

The orthodontist will suggest the use of retainers as long as needed and you will need to be patient. Some specialists hold that a retainer can help iron out speech issues you may have. It is the last phase of the procedure, and you can’t skip it.

What type of Retainer do I Need?

You can find a few types of retainers, but the two main varieties of them are the fixed and removable.

An orthodontist is the only person who will determine whether you need removable or fixed.

A patient should wear the retainer full-time for at least one year or so after the braces treatment is over.

And based on the results, the bite and some other stuff that a dentist take into account, he will decide the type of retainer.

Permanent Retainer After Braces

retainer permanent

This little thing is going to be with you all day or all night.

Don’t worry; you won’t use a retainer forever. It takes time for your teeth to get used to their new place.

Of course that most patients prefer removable retainers so they can feel a little bit of freedom while using it.

They can easily slide out of the mouth when talk, eat or brush, plus, most of them are for wearing at night.

Fixed retainers after braces are held in position.

Meaning is that they are going to be cemented to the backs of the teeth. You can’t take them out of your mouth, and for some patients, this can be uncomfortable.

But there are Hawley retainers too and are the most popular kind since they adhere to the shape of the mouth. This type of retainer will be in that place by wire wrapping the teeth around.

Hawley Retainer


And the most comfortable of all these dental devices: the Invisible!

This Invisible retainer is made of clear plastic that will be things easier for you if you don’t want people to notice it.

Essix Retainer

You won’t notice it either as feeling if you are wearing nothing. But as I was saying before, the only person who can decide on this is your dentist.

Take Care of a Retainer

You can’t neglect the retainer maintenance after your braces come off.

As there as a few types of them, there are different ways to keep them clean too.

Listen to the instructions of your dentist so you can have a better idea of how to do it.

But don’t forget the maintenance because you can have bacteria on them.

And it will be risky for your oral health not to clean them properly.

So, depending on which kind of dental retainer you get after your braces is the cleaning technique you are going to use.

Be sure of doing it in the right way to avoid damage it.

For instance, for a fixed retainer you must watch the maintenance.

Plus, it will be essential to visit your dentist in Clairemont to check for cavities keeping teeth clear of dental plaque and tartar.

Removable retainers, on the other hand, are easier to clean since you can soak them in denture cleaning, water or vinegar.

There are a lot of ways to keep clean your teeth.

Do it so you can have chances of keeping your new smile longer.

Remember that oral care is necessary to keep your new smile healthy after braces.

A dentist in San Diego will always encourage you to brush and floss at least twice a day.

Believe me when I say that it worth it. You can prevent a lot of dental problems saving time and money!

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