Root Canal Therapy: What Tooth Crowns Can Do For You After this Procedure

Eating and drinking sweet stuff feels great until you bite into that ice cream or cookie that you like so much and feel a sudden sharp pain in the back of your mouth.

Before you even realize it, you need root canal therapy.

When you get to that point, it can be kind of scary. You might be even imagining a scene from those Hollywood movies that seem like going to the dentist equals torture.

Which, by the way, it’s not even close to reality. But thanks, Hollywood, for making so many people panic over a harmless dental cleaning.

Either way, you can be sure you’ll be in safe hands with Serena Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. If you’re anxious or not, rest easy Dr. Serena Kurt will take care of you and make you feel at home.

Let us clarify this topic for you to understand it better, so make sure to stick around.

What You Have to Know About Root Canal Therapy

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In reality, root canal therapy is precisely that, a therapy to relieve pain and potentially save your tooth.

It’s an easy and standard procedure patients get pretty often. It consists of drilling a tiny hole in the infected tooth to get to the pulp, which can be considered the tooth’s core.

If you need to get a root canal, it’s likely because the tooth is severely damaged. The main culprit behind it is decay. If you don’t treat decay, it evolves into pulpitis which can cause pain and sensitivity.

Although root canal procedure does put a stop to infection and damage, it needs a dental crown to complete the restoration.

Dr. Serena Kurt is a highly experienced and skilled dentist in San Diego, CA, that focuses on personalized, caring dental services. You can give us a call to consult with her and get more information on this topic.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are used to restore teeth that have been damaged by decay, injury, or overuse. 

They are known as “caps,” and they are positioned on the visible top of the tooth above the gum line, restoring the appearance, color, and functionality of natural teeth automatically.

5 Good Reasons Why You Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal Therapy

Tooth crowns are a combination of multiple benefits. They’re meant to complement root canal treatment for some reasons of which we’ll list below:

Shield a weak tooth 

A tooth can become more fragile after root canal treatment due to tooth perforation, decay, or infection. So, the tooth can be covered from further damage with a sturdy dental crown. Enabling the patient to eat comfortably and go by their day without discomfort.

Prevent sensitivity

The nerves inside the tooth may become more sensitive to heat and cold after root canal therapy, which can be very painful. In this case, a dental crown comes in handy to block the unpleasant sensation.

Maintain your natural smile

A dental crown will not only restore a tooth’s functionality but will also give you back the natural look of your teeth. Crowns are custom-made. They’re designed to match the shape, structure, and color of the rest of your teeth. 

Protect from infections

After root canal treatment, the affected tooth’s surface is more vulnerable to infection and contamination. A dental crown can secure the tooth by protecting it against harmful leaks, preventing recontamination and the need for extraction.

Extra Support

A tooth that has a severe case of decay should not be sealed with a filling alone. Dental fillings cannot protect a badly damaged tooth for an extended period of time. The most appropriate solution is the placement of a dental crown to provide the strength and support that your tooth needs.

2 Types of Dental Crowns to Cover Your Tooth

When it comes to dental crowns, you should be aware of the various choices available so that you can choose the best option to complement your smile.

Each material has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The best dental crown material for you will be determined by the teeth that will be covered.

  • E-Max Crown: E-Max crowns are made entirely of ceramic materials and are widely used for cosmetic purposes.
  • Zirconia crown: Zirconia is an excellent material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Furthermore, it has a totally natural appearance. These crowns are made without metal and are custom-made to fit the size, shape, and color of your teeth.

An Experienced Cosmetic Dentist in Clairemont

We are a Dentist in Clairemont, and we are committed to providing you with the highest quality products on the market, so we always use durable and attractive materials to improve your oral health. 

You will be able to take full advantage of dental crowns for many years to come. Call your cosmetic dentist in San Diego today to get root canal therapy or a dental crown.

Get your dental health in check today and ensure a higher quality of life for yourself.

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  • I had no idea that dental crowns can improve your tooth’s appearance while protecting them from damage further damage. My friend has a couple of damaged teeth because of his eating habits. Hopefully, he’d try visiting a dentist that can use this for his case.


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